Spent my saveings on new computer and getting worse performance :(

Keep pushing champions!

Disable raytraced shadows if they are on. What’s your drive with the game, how much free space does it still have left?

Also, use MSI Afterburner or CapFrameX to see a live chart of frame times - if at 100FPS something is not smooth then you should see singular frames jumping much higher from time to time creating the stutter/sluggishness effect. If the frametime chart is clean then it’s not the game (maybe network/blizzard servers).

My Nvidia settings for a smooth experience (as much as possible with this engine at least :slight_smile: ) are:

-enable Vsync in NV Panel
-enable gsync or freesync on your monitor and NV panel
-set FPS limit to 3-4 FPS below your monitors refreshrate, like 141 for 144Hz etc
-try Nvidia Reflex (no boost needed)

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