[Spoiler] What’s your thoughts about present Sylvanas?

My queen. I hope she kills all her enemies especially Thrall and Baine. The Horde needs to be freed of the burden of these loser idiot leaders.


So I’m back (hi) and I missed posting.

So, my opinion on Sylvanas is that no matter which known character Blizzard had used for this position/situation, I despise how they have made her a villain since Legion but kept it all a mystery and continue keeping it a mystery.
If it wasn’t for the lockdown and being stuck at home I wouldn’t even have bought SL because even as a Forsaken-main and Sylvanas-loyalist, this mystery has gotten very tiresome. To the point where I really don’t care anymore what happens to her.


She might get redeemed, but she will pay for her crimes, one way or another, there’s no way Blizz let’s her walk away free… and yes we need some new characters taking the spotlight, it’s getting boring already with seeing same old few chars all the time mate

She is still a brilliant tactitian and one of the most powerful creatures in SL, but she is out of balance due to Anduins` isinuations.
Victory to the Dark Lady!


There is always Mist of Pandaria scenario you know… For her crimes Blizzard could send Sylvanas to work there for ever.
But I think she will actually will take the new Frostmorn to her self, and when everything will be over, she will be a new LichQueen, who will defend the entrance to Shadowlands.

Can we just resurrect Godfrey again, so he kills her, again?


She deserves to be infused with light so her senses are restored so she could fully feel pain, then she should be tied up to a poll and burned for weeks, while being healed continuously so she couldn’t die. Because her flesh would always mend and create anew, the skin and pain receptors would never get used to the pain & it would hurt the same until she would die.

Maybe after few months of being a living torch Tyrande could cut her head off, that would be nice, and mount it above the gates of a new Night Elven settlement as a reminder to everyone what happens if you cross us.


You are sick.


Sylvanas betrayed my friends, killed them, rose them into the undeath and manipulated their minds into servitude.
She stole our age old kingdom and its capital.
She ordered blighting at wrath gate that caused dishonorable deaths of soldiers of both factions who fought together
She committed genocide of unaffiliated human race in Gilneas & killed civilians who tried to escape that had no means to defend themselves
She uses the exact same necromancy with same lack of honor just like Arthas
She betrayed my king and left him to die
She killed her own civilians during Arathi gathering because she is a megalomaniac that’s completely obsessed with power over other beings
She wanted to prevent Anduin from using Azerite to preserve life and use it to achieve peace.
She committed completely unprovoked genocide at Teldrassil, wiping vast majority of the Kaldorei race and sending each and every one of them to the maw
She makes others suffer because she herself suffers and only wants to spread it as a way of coping
She blighted half of darkshore and destroyed whatever she came along the path, instead of occupying it
She used blight to kill both Alliance and Horde soldiers during battle for Lordaeron
She used death magic during Mak’Gora, dishonorably killing Saurfang
She wants to make Anduin choose to abandon hope so she can feel better about herself

Am I sick for wishing this scum suffers?

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And he’s giving everyone lectures about morality :smiley:

Some people take this game too seriously. To Northuldra I say this:

You can wish for Sylvanas whatever you desire seeing as she’s just a bunch of pixels and you’re not really hurting anyone. See how it works? Take care of yourself :slight_smile:

On topic: I wish she got redeemed but if they turn her into a villain I say it’s lack of respect for the old writers who created such a damn good story and for all the Forsaken fans that got invested in said story.


No, you’re sick for identifying with a videogame to a point where you call Pixels “my friends” and come up with elaborate torture for a videogame-character.


Lost interest in Legion when they killed Vol’jin after an expansion of inaction just to force a war narrative that led to one of the worst’s expansions in the game’s history. MoP should have been the end of the Red Vs. Blue narrative and the start of the cosmic saga they’d been planning - Sylvanas could have remained in this story as still the ever-opportunist leader of the Forsaken, still carving a destiny for her people.

Instead, she became a catalyst character who frankly has had too much screentime. I’ll be annoyed if they redeem her; but, so long as Shadowlands is the final time the overwrought grey elf dominates the narrative, I’ll be content. Dead, redeemed, or jailed - just gone.


Looking at this game from real life perspective is no fun. Games like these are made for rp even outside of it. If we were supposed to discuss the characters this way, there would never be anyone with name. It’s all Blizzard’s writing. There’s no Sylvanas, there’s no Anduin, there’s literally no one, but that’s really no fun is it. Why would I talk about a character that doesn’t exist from a real life perspective, I would get literally nothing out of it


That’s what the RP-Forum is for, this one is for a discussion of Facts from an outside perspective or atleast with a healthy distance to Events.
If everybody acted like you this would be even more of a shouting-match of different oppinions and RP-Standpoints than it is now.


Sylvanas is like Gollum in search of a ring

Well Revendreth do have those atonement crypts they like to put souls in for millennia at a time. Then it’s either parole, an extended sentence or a transfer to the Maw.

To be honest going of some of the sinstones there, a few of the souls in Revendreth look like they’ve done a lot worse in life in some cases than her.
I wouldn’t put some sort of reunion with Kael’thas of the table either, since they’re both scarred in some way by the same series of events during WC3/Third war.

This topic…right in the feels…

I absolutely loved Sylvanas , I basically started paying because of Warcraft3 Story and somehow still do love her. I hate what she has become though. I actually quit because of her burning Teldrassil…even if she was shady even before that…as Thrall put it:

“Despite all Sylvanas has done, I never thought she would be part of something like this”.

I still hope for somewhat a redemption, even if she dies. She should not die a villain and everything she stood against in the past. Yes it is a long time since she has been Ranger General, yes she did atrocious stuff, but well atrocious stuff happened to her , too. Dont think I need to explain.

I still wonder why she was sent to the Maw after she through herself off ICC and how there were Valkyr there. Were those really just Mawsworn? Was that the bargain she made with Helya? Was it because she died by Frostmourne? Then again, so was Uther, and yet he was sent to Bastion.

I really really enjoyed the Anduin-Sylvanas cinematic since it shows her pain but also her hesitation when it comes to Anduin. Deep down I think she respected Varyan and aso Anduin…well somehow apparently she does care.

At this point the only question really is if she becomes Garrosh 2.0 or Illidan 2.0. Maybe i just grasp for any possible thread of hope and of course I dont think it would make up for all the horrific stuff she has done during BFA especially but mayve she really just plays a doubleagent…unlikely, but just last straw of hope or maybe she will in the end sacrifice herself, though given her fear to get into the Maw I highly doubt that.

BUt we will see I guess…I kinda hope to see a confrontation with Arthas aswell as Tyrande.

Anyways. Sorry for this wall of text…Im just really emotionally invested in the lore and especially hers.


Confrontation with Arthas would be really interesting, after all this time, he is her kryptonite after all :yum:

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Yeah, i kinda wanna see that, too.

But I am also wondering if Arthas was himself really or if he was corrupted /controlled by Frostmourne/Zovaal or real Jailer. Given the connection of ICC to the Maw/Thorghast. I wonder if it were so if he could be held acountable for his actions…

Interesting enough, Kil’Jaeden created the Lich King, I wonder how this all connects…also why is he called “Lich kIng?” Assuming a connection to Maldraxxus here…

anyways, enough digressions…this was meant to be about Sylvannas.

I would not be to supriced if there is 2 sylvanas in shadowlands now, the evil one and the honored one, you se she was also struck bu the frostmourne.
what seems to split the persons soul in 2, happend to uther, so most likely happend to sylvanas also.
what would meen her good side might be in shadowlands, and her more evil side was the one who became the banshe queen due to Arthas resurecting her in to one.

this could actualy be one of her scheemes, to find her other half, to eighter destroy it, or to merg whit it.

that would also explain her mega tantrums she is showing, whit burning of teldrassil and other crazy stuff, question is though, when did it happen.

was it when killed buy arthas, was it when she jumped down from icecrown, or when Godfrey shot her.

this could also explain * At the hour of her third death, she will usher in our coming.

Now could argue Sylvanas has died 3 times, she has yes, but at same time, if you do not count her first death where she was alive, she has only died 2 times, meening if she dies a 3rd time now, something comes, we know this was about the old gods,but then again was it, or was it about something else.

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