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In the campaign quest, Tyrande used seed to return Ysera back to life. We traveled to afterlife and convinced Winter Queen, Malfurion took Ysera’s place instead and Ysera returned back to life.

So is that it ? Is it that easy to bring back someone to life again ? If you can find a replacement for your duty in afterlife, can you just reborn ?

So what if we Winter Queen said no but we really wanted it ? Couldn’t we just beat Winter Queen and furthermore kill her to bring back Ysera ? After all, we killed eternal entities, old gods, titans and you name it. Adding another one to the list wouldn’t be a problem.

What stopping other villains doing so ? If they want to bring back Neltharion, Gul’dan or someone else, it seems they can just do it if they try hard.

And again, it seems Thrall can reunite with her mother or Jaina with Uther. So afterlife is not really an afterlife if you can just keep reborn.

Why dead people can’t just stay dead at this game ?

Time travel in WoD and afterlife in Shadowlands are the two dumbest things ever introduced in WoW.

They made time and death reversible, non consequential, thus meaningless in lore.

The seed has nothing to do with how Ysera came back.

After Ysera died, she went to Ardenweald where powerful entities that are tied to nature go when they die, in order to be reborn and sent back.

Her Wildseed, which she would have been reborn from naturally, came close to expiring due to the anima drought and was only saved by the Winter Queen sacrificing a portion of her power to let Ysera be reborn.

After she was reborn she was technically alive again but couldn’t return to Azeroth because she was bound to the Winter Queen. Malfurion, being someone who will go to Ardenweald when he dies and because of his invovlement in Ysera’s death was able to take over the bond and allow Ysera to leave.

None of them went to Ardenweald.

A lot of the time when we’ve taken down a cosmic level enemy we have a massive power boost from someone on a similar or greater scale.

Stuff like: -

  • Yogg Saron - assisted by the Keepers

  • N’zoth - powered up by Azeroth

  • Argus - powered up by the Titans

  • Zovaal - powered up by Azeroth

  • G’huun - we had a miniturized reorigination device to help us

  • Deathwing - Empowered by the Aspects, after he’d been shot twice by the Demon Soul and we’d ripped his back plating off

Canonically we’ve only definitely killed two Old Gods - N’zoth and G’huun. One we did it by kamehamehaing the power of two Titan facilities and Azeroth’s own power at him and the other we had help from mini version of a planet sized nuke.

Y’shaarj was already dead and we only killed his remnants, while Yogg Saron was defeated but has become active again since Legion. C’thun is a bit up in the air, as it seems like he might be dead but there have been indications that he’s not.

We had an entire expansion themed around afterlives, it was to be expected that we’d see dead people.

But it’s not like we even saw Prime Draka or Uther alive in the game (outside of the Caverns of TIme), they’ve both been dead for decades already.

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She ended up in Ardenweald, which is afterlife. She returned back to Azeroth, realm of the living from afterlife world. So she returned back to life from dead.

Shadowlands is not limited to Ardenweald or other 3 zones we have seen. There are many other realms in Shadowlands, yet we get to see only 4 of them. So if anyone can reborn from Ardenweald, they can reborn from other zones too.

Yes but Winter Queen isn’t the most powerful being of the Shadowlands. Let’s imagine we wanted to return Ysera back to life, Winter Queen refused, so we formed an alliance with the rival of Winter Queen, let’s say with Zovaal, defeated Winter Queen, took Ysera (or anyone) back to life and left Shadowlands to the Jailer’s rule. Let’s replace names now, Twilight Hammer wanted to bring Deathwing to life and helped the ‘bad guy’ of the Shadowlands and so on.

I didn’t mean we seen Draka or Uther in Shadowlands. I mean if Ysera can return back to life, they can return too. So afterlife is not really an afterlife if people can just reborn.

dont think u understand what icefall is saying, Ysera came bk bcs her natural cycle was always to come bk after death. Uther etc dont have that in their natural cycle so no they wont come bk. BUT ill give u that death seems kinda pointsless now since in lore they can always go bk to the shadowlands and talk to them if they need something, so death have lesser meaning.

BUT one more thing, Titan - the eternals etc is gods to us, so ofc they could probly send us bk if they wanted to, but hey that is true for any fantasy story ever. Even in realm life for thoose who belive in god etc, i mean they say he is ALL powerful , so why couldent he do it to if he wanted to.

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