(SPOILERS) Will we finally kill Azshara?

So, Azshara is still alive and appears again in the raid, to give us Xala’tath. Wrathion calls her out on her crap, but she reasons with us and somehow we let her be like. What? Why? Azshara is not a good girl and a racist snob who wants to dominate all lesser races of Azeroth. The only reason, she helps us here, is to get rid of N’Zoth, so she gets free of her deal. Srsly. Night Elves, Nightborne, Kul Tirans, Ankoans, Kelfin, so many people hold grudges because of the stuff she pulled.

So by the sake of all Loa WHY are we letting her go just like that? What is this trick Blizzard? She did argubaly just as bad as Gul’dan but you give her the Illidan treatment here? Why are the writers and devs doing this?

Explain pls, somehow. I really don’t understand this story progression here. Last time I checked bad guys get killed off eventually.

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I’d say mostly wait and see.

That said, it wouldn’t be the first time the bad guys get off free for a time. Garrosh, famously, took quite a while to get what he deserved.

It is too early to guess but likely the same reason as Illi? And ebons? I mean illidan was literally painted as a villain along with his illidari dhs. Illidan has sacrificed souls captured and stored them souls of draenei children, man and women for portals, not to mention enslaving a whole world(Outland) and actually trying to sunk Northrend to kill Lk which is filled with THOUSANDS of innocent sentient races. But we welcomed him with open arms just cuz he was helping us against Legion, so same deal.

She turns out to be the same as Grom Hellscream. Yes, our enemy. But no, not an enemy of the Azeroth.

We did not kill this psycho Grom. Probably we will let Azshara to live 2.

Kinda like a mixture of illi and grom.

Illi opens a rift to release legion to make it easier to defeath them>Azshara releases nzoth to kill him

Illi sacrifices innocent souls and tries to sink northrend>Azshara causing innnocent dying due to her deal to nzoth

Illi making deals with legion on multiple occasions to save his hide>Azshara making a deal with nzoth to stay alive

The same reason why your wretched Horde was just let go, the same trick that allowed the Horde to go live in peace without reparation or payback !

To be fair, I am starting to miss all the big baddies we kill. Feels to me as if we are killing WOW, character by character.


She is tortured. Is there any information about that? She might be in a position/state where killing her don’t mean anything. She might be a shell of her former shelf. Or we are ‘stupid’ enough to let her go so we can kill her in another raid.

I mean… look at bc & vanilla


To be honest, i don’t see her as threat anytime soon. If she is going to do something bad it will take her years if not centuries to build a new naga army.

Did not you know that continuity of her events exists to enhance the story and getting their sweet hands on those playable Naga allied races. Maybe even cosmetic if you are lucky!

Na, we wont kill her, she will portrayed as Azeroth Saviors and, NE and NB are gonna clap for her

Wont be less crazy than Whole BFA storytelling

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The lore was kind of dead after woltk, we killed so many important character (c’thun, vancleef, ragnaros, onyxia, kael’thas, lady vashj, “illidan” to name a few) and cleaned so many “mysteries”, woltk put the nail in the coffin with arthas, yogg and kel’thuzad (yeah i know KT not really dead) the story after didn’t make so much sense, many of the boss in vanilla deserved an expansion (like c’thun), we killed so many things too fast and now we have a wow fan fiction with self insert characters.


My hope is that we capture and punish Azshara and kill Sylvanas.

My fear is that they pull an Illidan 2.0 on Sylvanas and a Grom 2.0 on Azshara.


Queen Azshara becomes the new race leader for the night, blood, nightborne elves and naga when we unify factions and all her crimes are forgiven :wink:

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Not on my watch.

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I mean, we were stupid enough to give Kel’thuzad’s phylactery away for phat lewt and some gold, and we revived and fed an old God dagger to full strength before listening to its every request, so I would not put it past us to be stupid again.

In the end, the player characters are merely greed-driven murderers who lack any sort of moral compass and only do stuff if there is a reward included. Azshara can offer us some high ilvl legendary item and we would be her personal errand boys/girls in an instant.


Gee unlike the other racist snobs we have both on the alliance and horde. This is nothing new sadly.

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