[Sporeggar] Where is RP in this server?

Hello everybody from Italy!
I play Horde on Sporeggar from September 2020 and I have a Blood Elf (Elenìel, Lv 18, Shadowlands). I’m very sad, I never found anyone able of role playing with me until now. I met some players online but nobody seemed to be open to RP. I felt really surprised and a bit disappointed with that.
Please, can you give me some good advice? What should I do?

Thanks a lot in advance! Enjoy the game!

It’s a bit hard to find random, walk-up RP :confused: My advice is to find a good RP guild and enjoy the ride!

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Thanks a lot!
I’ll look for a guild then! Happy new year and enjoy the game!

Thanks lad, you too!

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