Spriest worries and ideas(DF)

The newest has three more limps cut from Voidform(Surrender, Hungering, and DA getting access to Ancient Madness). This leaves Voidform in a weird state, that really only gives you a 10% damage increase(since it replaces shadowform), while DA adds 25%(although only to non-periodic spells). It’s very obvious to me that this build is far from the final, but as a spec that is supposed to be fuelled by the void, there is very little representation of this currently, and to me, this feels like a complete regression back to before legion, lorewise. While bringing back cool talents and abilities from the past is great, regression is not the way forward. When the patch stated that it removed Surrender, I was hoping for either it’s effects being implemented into voidform, or us getting something in it’s place, but I suppose we have yet to see what that is. :sweat_smile:

Regarding the talent changes: I like that Spike no longer removes dots, and that Tithe Evasion is in the class tree, but honestly, I felt like the previous tree was closer to something finished(still needing work), than the current one, and just the bottom needing looked at. Instead, it’s the upper parts that was changed, and the bottom still not seeing any changes.

Right now, my cackling cultist is looking much less like a shadowpriest, and more like a second warlock, with access to healing…

Let’s wait to see what happens next changes, but honestly, I’m starting to worry a little for the time left. I’d like to see the idols being good, seeing as they’re almost the only flavourful left in our kit, at least from a void standpoint, but all of them are feeling mediocre at best. I don’t know if any of these suggestions are too strong, but, I’d like it Cthun procced a tentacle on flay cast 100% chance, but perhaps capped to 2 at once. For Nzoth, it feels like it needs a major dmg increase, but most of all, it’s stacks need to either explode on death, or jump to a nearby target. Yoggy is feeling fairly week, in terms of it’s feeling of having to build it up(50 apparitions), perhaps it could even have a cleave added into it’s cast as well. Lastly, Mindbender and Yshaarj choice node feels odd, it feels like they go together, not against each other. I’d love to Yshaarj improved, and moved to the capstone spot.

From purely a pvp standpoint, it’d be neat if flay: insanity was made to be uninteruptible(like warlock has so much of), and Mind Trauma was looked at.

Just my two cents on recent build.
Thanks for listening ! Hope to see more void representation coming
since right now, more and more of the reason I play Spriest is being removed :pray: :kissing_heart:

Is it though? … reading the blue post, to me it seems like theyre done. :rofl:

Were overal happy…rofl.


I know… this post was from before the blue post…
It has me extremely disheartened to see “no more changes”.

Will our capstones at least be tuned up in damage then, if they won’t see changes?


I’m afraid that their empty words made me consider putting in an application to join the shadow doom squad :sob:

I’m most likely gonna go Evoker, they look the closest to what shadow was, “should” and “could” be

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I mean, priests are losing their second school of healing(shadowmend) so that evokers can shine with it. :sweat_smile:

The previous tree was incredibly overpowered. There are some things to fix still for sure but this tree is far more balanced.

they said they fix shadows aoe they removed all our aoe and did nothing,

The new tree is painful and soon I’m told I can’t even spec masochism to RP how bad it is. I was looking forward to that :disappointed:

Jokes aside, I’m sad and worried. I don’t understand why Hungering Void is gone, other than it having no dark ascension version, but ancient madness is mainly useful for the HV synergy of crit. I really, really enjoy the void form extension minigame.

They’ve extended the CD and duration of void form, great choice, but then put bolt on a whopping 9 sec CD which is going to be useless outside endgame gear haste values (3 whole bolts in 2 minutes w/o haste). If gcd was the problem, just convert mind blast to void bolt for the duration. None of these top my meter anyway, devouring plague does. Bolts are already really low on the damage, but are so fun to cast, might be my favourite thing.

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While I’m also skeptical about the tree and would like to see them
just make Hungering Void part of Vbolts’s baselin effect, you’ll
be happy to hear they returned Vbolt to a 6s cooldown(at least on ptr)
which with haste, translates into roughly 4.x second cd, with 30 something % haste. :kissing_heart:

Right now, I just hope they’ll at least address the non-functional idols into being
something we can actually choose, and not feel bad about.

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Good! 6 seconds is probably appropriate.
I could see HV baked in, it’s the same base idea as shadowflame prism really.

… But I’d actually like to invest points in upgrading void form? A tree rather than packages.

Now idk if I should be spreading feedback across so many threads or hop back in the longer thread.

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Probably better to keep things in the bigger threads, yeah.

I made this post after the most recent tree was revealed, but before
we saw the most recent blue post stating they don’t plan anymore big
changes for us, and that we’ll be unfinished even after launch. Makes my ideas
here kind of null’d since blizz won’t do anything with them anyway. :sweat_smile:

I do not think so. Sometimes in long topics your message gets lost, so new topic actually makes more visible your opinion.

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Makes sense. :smile:

Would probably be best to spread you thoughts on the ptr forum or beta if you got it

I do not (ptr yes, beta no). I don’t know if I’m saying anything that hasn’t been said before? I can apply for beta ofc, looks like at least one beta access priest burned out already. Anyone with access should feel free to repost my thoughts of course.

I’m sad to say this, but we gotta get as loud as the hunters if we’re to see more changes. And that means everyone needs to voice their opinion, even if several other ppl have already said it


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