Startattack only in combat (or without auto targetting)

We all love /startattack right.
Sure, we do.

But I have a scenario where I want /startattack to only work IN combat.
I need /startattack to STOP auto-targetting enemies for me

As far as i know, conditionals like [combat] don’t work on /startattack
/cast [combat]!Auto Attack
doesnt work (will just toggle it on and off - very annoying).

I’m guessing that what I want is not possible , but ideally I’m proven wrong or otherwise I’m looking for confirmation from actual experts here.

Conditions should work on it.
Worst case, slap a /stopmacro [nocombat] before it.

Thanks , you are right. It does work - I was just being an idiot and left out the space between startattack and the brackets.
Syntax is important, even in macros :smiley:

the stopmacro also turned out to be useful in another situation.

Case closed.

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