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Hello everyone. It has been quite a while since I played and could not retrieve my old account, so decided to start again. I remember playing on this server and had found it to be the friendliest and most helpful server to play on. I just thought I’d say hi.


Sorry you couldn’t get your old stuff back, there might be some classic gems there :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m glad you have fon memories of these realms, and I hope you find them/us equally friendly and helpful now :grinning:

I agree with that sentiment, although I only started really roleplaying during Legion, I think :nerd_face:

There are much fewer of us here, than on Argent Dawn, but from what I hear of A.D., I don’t mind :relieved:


When I selected the server it did say ‘low’, but that is not something I mind. I’ll be leveling and doing professions. Speaking of professions. How is that now? As for leveling, I choose Exile Reach, that was a change though, but it was fun. After Exile I ended up at SW and fromt here I had many options. How do people level up these days? Old zones like the NE area’s or Kul Tiras, just to name a few. I don’t want to rush to max to be honest, but leveling goes fast I noticed. I am still deciding what to play and what route to take as I am not a dungeon/raid lover. How are the guilds?

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I think others can give you a better answer, especially on professions

(personally, I just make sure I have (at least) one character on every crafting profession, and then pretty much slap gathering professions on the rest),

and probably the other questions as well, but my two coppers go to…

the newer expansions, Legion & BfA.

I hear they give more gold for quests than the older content, and apparently those relics for the Legion artifact weapons can make the weapons pretty powerful after a while.

The main questlines of those expansions also count towards unlocking some playable allied races, and circling back to the profession question;

BfA gear can be scrapped in Boralus/Zuldazar, yielding various crafting materials needed for that gear type. These can help you level your own chosen profession, you can Auction (House) them off, or mail them to your alts in other professions.

I guess profession choice depends on what you want from your profession:

Money? (I have no idea how this works)


Welcome back, my druidic sister. Ande’thoras-ethil! :herb:


Thanks for the info. One thing puzzled me though. You said: one character on every crafting profession, from what I know you can have two main professions on a character. Has that changed? When I am leveling up I usually choose skinning/herb/mining. Things will become clear once I get the hang on things again.


Outside of Shadowlands/end game stuff, not really worthwhile at all unless you’re making things for transmogrification purposes. Gathering professions are mostly for getting bonus experience while levelling. And while levelling you are unlikely to be able to gather materials to be able to make anything useful as you’ll be levelling fast.

Questing with some occasional dungeon delving is the fastest but things are pretty flexible until you reach Shadowlands. Since the level squish you have many more options than before, and can use Chromie Time to have the content of an entire expansion scale with you (until level 50). And you’re free to ignore dungeons completely if you prefer.


Right now I am leveling in Kul Tiras. It is where I ended up when I left Exile. So I can level til I am 50 and then I need to unlock things?

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I’m not sure how it now works for completely new accounts. You may need to reach level 50 on at least one character (through BFA content) before you can unlock the likes of Chromie Time. It seems to have been a deliberate choice to force new players into BFA content for a more consistent, less confusing, experience.

However, you still should be free to wander back to Stormwind and travel to any of the other areas in the game. Although most things scale to you level, there are still level ranges for zones like the old days. MOP, WOD and Legion may require you to run through their respective introductory scenarios but Classic/Cataclysm, TBC, and WOTLK can all be started by just travelling to their respective starting areas.

Also, some areas of the game, such as the Blasted Lands, the Arathi Highlands, Silithus, and Darkshore, have gone through some big changes. The older versions of the areas can still be accessed but you may need to talk to an NPC called, Zidormi, to switch to the correct timeline. She should be located near the entrance of the zones and be marked on the map.


I asked around in the new player chats and someone also said I have to be 50 and done BFA content. How will I know I am on the right questline for finishing BFA? I am leveling in Kul Tiras now and ended up in Drustvar and then, not more quests. So, I either missed something or messed up somehow. I am backtracking to see if I can find some quests though. I found the board in SW and I could go to Tanaan Jungle etc. Is that also part of BFA?

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You shouldn’t have to finish all BFA content. Just reaching level 50 should be enough to officially unlock Chromie, etc. because the game will force the Shadowlands starting quest on you at that point.

As for Drustvar, there are a couple of different ways to start the main questline there. If you’re level 25+ you can pick up a quest from the map in the harbourmaster’s office in Boralus. If you are not yet level 25 then check the map of Tiragarde Sound. The game usually adds a couple of ‘!’ markers on the map to give you some hints of where you can go questing next if you’ve completed some parts of the zone’s story.

No, that is the introduction to WOD.


I think I was a bit unclear on that :grinning:
I meant one crafting profession + the necessary gathering profession. Thus, on one of my Horde & one of my Alliance characters, I have tailoring & enchanting, because they are “self-supplied”.

But once I have every crafting profession covered (preferably on my highest-level characters), I’m free to make my other characters pure gatherers, which as stated by

…In addition to keeping my crafters supplied with the materials they “need”, but as Bauldheed also mentioned, professions most likely won’t make you any noticable money until max level/“current” content.

(As casually as I play, I get enough gold just from questing, so I only do professions for my own benefit - and I don’t have any Auction House / Transmogrifier brontosaurus… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: )

I actually made some of my characters (whose class don’t have a resurrection spell) engineers, so they can have the (WoD?) gnomish pocket knife which, on a 10 minute cooldown, can resurrect someone. Engineering also lets them make and use goggles with a far-sight feature.

I do appreciate all the professions’ “expansions” (except Shadowlands) being available regardless of level (so my level 10 character can learn Legion and BfA profession recipes at a low level) after the level squish (as long as you get trained by a profession trainer in that expansion’s area) :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for clearing that up. I missed a few quests and I saw some in Boralis as well. I did pick up a quest in the harbourmaster’s office a few times but can’t remember if that took me to Drustvar.


When you have all the professions’ “expansions” though, the Darkmoon Fair profession quests will always level the highest expansion, so you might loose the benefit of leveling them on DMF.


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