Stat Priority for 2h Frost?

What is the stat pririty for 2h Frost?

Generally it’s quite an equal amount of master crit and haste with versatility being lower than all others.

Hey. I would like to play frost and blood as an off spec. Worse combi right? Don’t Like to collect 20 different items for bis.
Blood ist haste versa again? Ty pump

Not too educated on blood I’m afraid. Wowhead says all stats equal except Vers that’s lower

Mastery is king, then I’d say haste and then I’d say crit. And ofc Item level.

Go for a Crit-mastery build , with abit of haste , if you take the two empower Rune weapon talents , you will have 40 sec of 15% increased haste.
With the talents leading down to oblitarion you can get a nice crit increase and really get those killing machine procs rolling
At least thats what i intend to do

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