Stat-Squish too high?


Does anybody feel like the stat squish to 150k hp average is way to high, and the average should be atleast 300k or 250k. I think its really boring that an average 1v1 takes about 20 seconds, because it doesn’t matter how good the rogue is geared, he still gets pounded in 10 seconds with my huge burst, which i think is really stupid. I really miss when 2 good players would duel, and it could literally last up to 10 mins, that was way more exciting then a duel today, where it doesnt comes to how good you play, or how good ur even geared, hell i remember when i was at 98k Health, and 1v1d a rogue who was really good geared (Only raid was Uldir) he was at 155k Health or so, and i dominated that guy. The one time where i actually didnt felt good about winning a duel.


Stat squish has nothing to do with how long duels take. Also when a rogue dies in 10 seconds it’s his own fault…

You should be able to kill noobs quickly but currently 1v1’s take an eternity because everything is so simplified and everyone has crazy defensives


also you are dominating rogue because ww dmg is out of controll


I agree with Drae here, in order to win a match you need to go through multiple rounds of forcing defensive cooldowns. Not to mention some classes have so much control these days that it becomes kind of scuffed.

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