State of Classic RP

Zandalar Tribe, Hydraxian Waterlords… all dead, no one is playing at any time of day. Is there any classic (be it tbc or base game) rp community left?

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I made two characters on Hydraxian; one Alliance and one Horde, but I must admit I haven’t played either in a long time.

I find myself with so little time for WoW, I prefer to spend it in “current” WoW.

I remember at the start of classic a girl wanted me to make love to her and we met on the streets of goldshire damn was she into me

I guess Classic just doesn’t offer anywhere near as much as Retail does when it comes to RP. Retail has transmogs, barber shop, more toys, more mounts, more locations, better visuals. Classic offers a pre-cataclysm world and that’s really about it. Beyond that, anything you might want to do on Classic you can also do on Retail.

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