State of Enhancment come Phase 4

Hello Fellow shamans
as you probably know come icc difficulty shifts drasticly, that’s fine and dandy, since having difficulty increase is gonna be refreshing after ToGC, I am waiting for Icc as much as the next guy but it seems that it doesn’t look good for us
Let me explain:

-Our survivability is quite low, even though we are mele our health is one of the lowest, and our deffensive cooldown becomse offesnsive due to 4-set of tier 10

-Fights require us to move much more or are more single target forcused, both conditions are not favourable for enha (especially since now we focus on more spell oriented build), especially with fire elemental as our CD which can only cast nova from totem itself, so if you misslplace it, you loose big chunk of dps

-And everyone probably seen the sims, while some classes which were pretty week have finally time to shine, enha falls off the cliff, and our expected damage is gonna be one of the lowest

While this may be one of the “Buff me class” posts, which it kinda is, since blizzard has been active with buffing classes that lacked in some departments (Ret paladin with Glyph of Reckoning and Hunteer with Trap luncher) I propose 2 fixes:

-Having nova erupt from elemental not from totem, this one will probably one of the important ones as this will allow us to keep us with damage and not loose fire nova casts ,especially since we are not able to controll Ele so munis well we should use it to the best of our ability

-And to fix surviability issue and increase the damage by a bit, why don’t they introduce a glyph that for example reduces cooldown of Shamanistic rage by 2-3 seconds every time you cast a shock spell, that both will help with surviability issue and give pretty nice dps buff that will be fully contained to tier 10

Those are ideas I discusted with shaman friends, and we thing they are not as major but will keep Enha in reasonable spot. What do you think?


I think they should buff Windfury weapon to turn the spellhancer thing upside down. I used to play Enhance a lot in WOTLK originally, they added Fire Nova with ICC release and I thought it was the most grief ability to use in gameplay, despite a much needed AOE. IRRC they fix it in Cataclysm.

I’m not big on changes, infact I have opposed all of them to an extent, and Ret got buffed while it was bad and now reaps the rewards in ICC where it was already going to be extremely good, Feral is exactly the same. We had threads from people asking for Fury Warrior buffs, I’m also against that.

At least Enhance has some reason, since there isn’t actually a need for them in a raid in ICC.


The tweek is needed for sure. Every decent pug group will just decline enha if they have hunters and dk’s buffs, why get the class that does far less dps and dies constantly…

We need survivability and buffs to WF so casters don’t hate us for grabbing spellpower loot - out of all classes he mentioned enha, because he (and his playmates) know it’s gonna be sad.

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