State of fury and arms in 10.2

What are your opinions guys? Impressions? Hopes?

Holy cow I tried the go to build with T31 bonus and fury feels so bad right now. Literally nothing to press, if your BT/Bloodbath doesn’t crit then your 6 sec cd slam doesn’t get you to rampage so you end up just doing nothing or having to press whirlwind while you are in a constant state of confusion as you press that rampage keybind after using bloodbath and slam thinking you have enough rage while being 5 points off. It’s so bad. I don’t think tier set can fix this since Odyn’s fury only grants 3 empowered bloodthirsts so you will still have gaps in rage after guaranteed crits end. It’s joever. Genuinely 25% dps loss compared to standard anger management build.

Meanwhile buffed arms feels better and has more intuitive rotation but it still suffers from lacking a “jack of all trades” build. If you go for aoe builds like bs or fervor of battle for fortified weeks you will close damage meters on single target. If you go single target juggernaut build you will deal 0 AOE damage. It feels doomed for us warriors.

Is it really though?
And if it was, it would just get buffed anyway.

Considering the fact that my current build with my ilvl does 100k single target while the new build does 75k? Yeah. I don’t think the new tier set bonus can cover for that discrepancy, even at max ilvl, anger management no bonus vs tier set bonus.

For Fury:

For those wondering, based on numbers given by the theorycrafters on Skyhold (the Warrior class discord), we are likely to see a bump up on ST as Fury. MT is down on 8 targets, but up on more.

ST was (old) 142k vs (10.2) 155k, before the nerfs - it was 142k vs 163k. These are sims where we just swapped the tierset effects, stats are unaffected.

Worth keeping in mind is that Fury now with T(2), RA and VC, our execute phase damage has received quite buff. Making the difference between arms and Fury value a tad closer.

Now all said, that still puts Fury on the low to mid end, we are viable and got the strength of not really losing ST DPS in AoE build. Also, note, while we could sim the new tier over the current tier. We have not simed the new Legendary.

The new Legendary, is roughly guessed to be a 3-4% DPS increase purely from ilvl difference, not including the effect itself.

So overall, in 10.2, Fury does look to be doing more DPS comparably.


The short version is simple, Arms is looking to do more DPS than Fury as is on pure ST. If the fights themselves favour Fury we shall see.

In M+, many warriors currently theorise arms to be the better DPS pick - while Fury still got the edge in survivalability.

Arms, Fury and Prot, looks to be at worst decent and at best quite strong coming into 10.2. If Legendary is legendary, then we are looking at a very strong to broken scenario.

Bladestorm should be baseline for Arms.


Reckless abandon worked just fine for 2 xpacs and blizz states that it’s bugged - genius move. Now carpal tunnel fury that everyone loved playing turns into cd-waiting enh shaman. If at least this change isn’t reverted on season 3 start, it’s official for me, blizzard statements about listening to community are just a PR move. Haven’t seen a single fury warrior that likes those changes.

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You don’t have the tier set that is required to run the new build. You still have to use your t30 talent build with your t30 tier set. Come here again after you tried the new talent build with the new 4 set.

Fury feels worse now since the “bug” got removed and does less damage. Rampage doesn’t light up anymore when ready compared to before. Overall, Fury feels less fun to play. Thanks Blizzard.

Remove Whirlwind from being affected by Storm of Swords and Fury would be ok.

You clearly have no clue about fury warrior if you think t31 changes anything apart from damage. I don’t care about pathetic numbers which come and go, +10% this patch - 20% the next one, doesn’t matter at all. Annihilator fluidity and bt spam is just gone and this talent path is dead. Blizzard removed a ‘bug’ to ‘open a window for more build variations’. But if those variations include just a bloat of buttons that you need to press only to pass time between rempage and bt, that’s a horrrible design.

Personally, I don’t know since when blizzard just gave up on spec design and only see numbers. SIMS are ok for fury - they don’t do s***. Class designer responsible for this tier and those changes clearly is just there for a salary. They don’t play the spec nor understand how it was played before and how it feels now.

You are completely clueless yourself lol. The tier set alone is responsible for us playing RA/OF instead of AM/Ravager. If you use the 10.1 tier set, you should not use the new talents. But if you mean our gameplay rotation: Yes this basically the same, just with the diff that you press slam or whirlwind instead of raging blow, but without the new tier set you’re gonna have downtime using that build.

Oh boy you’re gonna be surprised when you get the tier that even with those 3 crits outside of reck there’s gonna be a time when you won’t press anything, ptr tested btw

Decent to good, but never truly great.

Gameplay i mean.

It’s easy, fun, but not as fun as like enhancement or rogue.

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