State of melee hunter?

As of 10.1.7, what’s the state of a melee-based survival hunter? I’m returning after a fairly long break.

In what kind of context?

Not particularly sought after, but good enough to clear all mythic content, and the strongest of the three hunter specs in m+ (Not a high bar though).

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Sv tends to do better near the end of the expansion. If we got 1 more patch after this I expect us to be king there. But for now.
All in all.
Meh. Like jerb said. You can get what you need to get done, done. But don’t expect priority picks on anything.

all-in-all, you’ll do great with it if you really wanna give it a serious try. It’s genuinely fun and I regularly play it out of versatility if my group composition allows it.

But yeah, the problem is that its reputation isn’t very well regarded. Classic case of community perception tarnishing a fun class, really.

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