State of RBGs

Hey guys, as a great fan of RBG system, I’ve been thinking a lot about it’s state in WoW lately. I’ve noticed that it seems like not many people are playing them right now. I’m curious, what do you think is the reason for that? What specifically is keeping you from participating in RBGs at the moment? Feel free to share your thoughts on this. Cheers!

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For me it’s a combo of not wanting to get too sweaty playing BGs or with people that take it too seriously …& also my time is limited. I can spam BGs & have multiple games in the same time it would take to arrange & play 1 RBG.


No real new rewards would be my first guess

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I honestly never did one and it’s not because the RBG itself isn’t appealing. I like doing objectives and don’t mind following orders and have challenging fights but the bare thought of having to spend my time with inflated ego players who throw a tantrum over minor mistakes is so off putting that I don’t want to get near RBGs.

Furthermore I don’t like rating systems in WoW or any game. I’m in a game to chill and have fun and I don’t need a new job where I need to be evaluated – been there done that.
Rating systems in WoW are only there to make some players feel better than others. It’s a mechanic that encourages conflicts and nothing more. Probably part of Blizzard’s vision of “ESports”.

I also never understood why RBGs weren’t in groupfinder. It seems outdated and very 80ies to me.

If RBGs were in groupfinder a lot more people could participate and not just be an exclusive experience of the game for the few.

But overall it probably wouldn’t make any difference, It’s the players not (so much) the game design that’s keeping me away,


These are the reasons I’ve always avoided the so called ‘elite’ areas of gaming. Literally full of toxic youths who try so hard to belittle people, it got to a point that people are so scared of being thought of as a noob that they will do absolutely anything and say absolutely anything to try to appear the opposite. Been that way as long as I can remember, even before the nerdy little ‘l33t speak’ weirdos arrived in gaming and tried to turn every aspect of any game into their own little ‘l33t’ fantasy world.

Very simple reason : there is no solo queue.

And I don’t play peak times enough to join a active group.

I love BGs . i hate arenas. I can solo shuffle for gear and then enjoy BGs with good gear, but I’m basically playing a mode I don’t like to play one I do. If RBG was solo queue it is all I would do in Wow.

It’s not just RBGs. Every rated area of PvP is suffering atm going by a post from Absterge on social media that got a staggering amount of replies.

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