<Stature of the Gods> (A) is Recruiting!

Stature of the Gods (EU - Bloodfang) is recruiting (1) warlock

Who are we ?

Stature of the Gods is a former top 10 guild from Vanilla/TBC days. 15 years later, a lot of the former core players reconnected and reformed the guild, expanding the roster with new people along the way.

What do we offer?

  • High quality team members in a strong raid environment. Our raiding times are alternating Wednesdays / Sundays from 20.00 CET onwards
  • A guaranteed raid spot. We currently only raid with 32-34 because the content allows it. Less people to divide the loot drops :). We also do not want to invite people that we cannot offer a spot every time there is a raid planned. This is why we recruit very methodically.
  • Input in guild decisions. We vote in the officers yearly, we regularly request input in regards to raid times.
  • Loot distributiton . Rather than a DKP or Loot council, we rely on member inputs. Members discuss before each tier how loot should be distributed, and invididual drops are decided on by those that match loot requirement. If you favor “how can we maximise raid DPS” over “how can I maximise MY DPS”, you will fit right in!

Check out our logs at on warcraftlogs --> guild/ reports-list/ 484989/

What are we looking for?

We are looking for people with a solid skill level, and are willing to invest in their charachter. Players that take pride in their performance, and put effort into obtaining their (2nd)BiS gear outside of raids (crafteable, low drops, AV, etc).

We do not demand you flask or prebuff, but a good portion of the guild is committed to this. If a 5g purchase on some elixirs or sharpening stones sounds like too much hassle, maybe this isn’t the guild for you.

Stature of the Gods is looking for people that enjoy a smooth, clean and methodical clear of a raid.

Currently we are specifically looking for a warlock (or perhaps 2). But as you can see from the logs there is room for more talented damage dealers and one additional healer.


Are you intrigued but would you like to know more? Feel free to reach out to ANY of our members on Bloodfang EU and we will happily answer any questions you have.

Alternatively you can respond here, or join us on our discord;
discord.gg /Dau2Vh)

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