Stiches is Full

Oh and I think you will find, you pay for retail… you get classic for free with your retail sub.

Sure, free transfer between HC servers would solve problem.


I suspect they’ve reduced layers in the last update so there’s slightly more queues as there was no queues last week.

Stop being an entitled crybaby and wait

That’s exactly what it’s about. Not being able to log in when starting the game is just as big a problem as currently having to wait 1 hour at peak times.

Honestly, I’d rather que if it means their will be plenty of people online, with the higher possibility of help.
To me this means far more potential to be productive, even with the 1 hour wait time.

Stitches 12.sept. 18:49CEST 1200 people in queue, 37min estimate. yesterday past 23CEST same amount of people and queue time. few days before that it was an hour long queue on a week day.
please do something about this, it’s ridiculous.

1700 people
52 min queue

That´s it. Why isn´t that possible? I would transfer immediately.

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You realise layers has nothing to do with how many people can log in. It’s just splitting the population.

Current Queue 2179

Then 3 months down the line complain you are on an empty realm and demand to be able to go back.

Then you will be the first to cry when the other server will lose players as time pass and you will then ask for free transfers to … well , come back to Stitches!

Btw, 2.2k as of now , 65 min que. I don’t remember having this much of queue not even when HC servers started. What happened? More players started playing HC? Or they lower the layers and put a smaller limit on the server?

I blame the bots for the queues.

Playing 2 hours of loading screen simulator before you are able to actually play the game is ridiculous, especially when all you have to do to stop it is to flip a switch to open transfers from stiches to Nek’Rosh

So it’s still a 30 minutes queue… I jump on the boat to Darnassus and got a DC this way. When i tried to log back in i have to go trough the queue again… Is this a bug?

Bots everywhere !

My hope are gone that HC will be having less bots.
How many lvl 10s are in BFD?! Just a shame. I‘m not even mad but just a bit sad how this game gets handled

If the server wasn’t rife with bots there would be less queues.

Come to Nek’rosh. We have no queues, but that’s because we don’t have bots… Unlike Stitches.

Stitches seems to be streamers, their NEET, no-lifing followers, and an army of bots to gold farm & sell to them. Why would you want to play there?

free transfers are open tho, people just need to go

tank 4 horsemen :slight_smile:

Free transfer is NOT to the other HC server. FCT is to normal Era server. Unless they change it recently.

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