Stiches is Full


How long can the current state be sustainable? Every day after 6 pm I wait in line for at least 1 hour, I am very disappointed that there is no solution for this yet! Dragonflight season 2 is dead and I can’t log in here. Are there any plans or measures? There are already a lot of posts, people get annoyed, they pay for playing time, but this is ridiculous!


Well Stitches had queues for 4 hours the day after launch so they did a maintenance 3 days after that, that drastically reduced queue times between 20m to 1h at peak times now.

I’m quite sure they’re reading feedback and are watching the situation but it doesn’t seem to be too bad yet in comparison to extreme queues like at start.

Nek’rosh has no queues, I logged in fine earlier around 20:00 CEST? Stitches had a queue around 45 min then.

It’s still unbearable. We are writing 2023, we are talking about one of the best mmorpg games in the world. It could be changed in minutes or hours.

Good news OP, they opened a second realm, Nek’Rosh, which has also full population but no queue. Next time you die, you can make your next character there :wink:


You do understand that there is more to factor than picking new realm because you died? Bank alts? Friends? Guilds? The problem needs to be addressed not worked around. Its not like its insurmountable infrastructural challenge, just bad resource management.

That wouldn’t solve anything, it’s not a unique problem. And if I want to buy Addidas shoes, I won’t buy Nike…

It’s an option only for a new people who didn’t started on release and haven’t friends/guildmates playing exactly on Stitches. So, it’s definitely not an option at all.

I play on Nek’Rosh and I never had any issues, even though the world is packed.
I don’t get it. Why don’t more people come over here? Is there any difference in the ruleset or anything else I’m not aware of?

I’m also quite frustrated. What’s the point of paying a monthly fee if I can access the game when I want? I waited today 45 minutes to play for 90 mins then took a break. Tried to come back right now - another 30 minute queue. If I stay logged in for 10 minutes I also get kicked - 10 minutes is hardly enough a break after 90 minute session. This not acceptable and suggesting Nek’rosh is hardly a solution. Please solve it or refund time when people are not able to play. It’s been too long since the release.

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90% of the playerbase want to be on the biggest realm. It’s normal. After a few weeks or months the secondary realm will be dead. The only way to resolve current queues is give people an incentive to roll on the dead realm.

Easy solution is to do a planned merge after 2-3 months, rather than what they did with thekal and giantstalker - which is just let one die. If people know they can transfer for free to the big realm after a certain period of time, they’d even out very quickly.


Come to Nek’rosh or quit the moaning. No queues yet still full of life.

They will only make it worse than it already is.

Yes. Stitches is for crybabies, who like to sit in queues and get dopamine from complaining in forums and Nek’rosh is for those who like to play the game they are paying for.


Because servers csnt be limitless. Its thst simple lmfao. Theres a limit on capacity and thsts just the way thr world works.

More like Nek’rosh is for the dopamine addicts who want to log in now now NOW while discerning gentlemen choose to wait for Stitches since we know it will be alive and well in 6 months, which is far from certain about Nek’Rosh.


So why are you guys asking for a third server, then?

Translation: “I don’t have time to queue, revolve your game around me please”

Comments like this one above are insane. If you’re fine with the queues or play on Nek’rosh - don’t comment. I, as a probably typical adult, had ~3-4 hours last night to play. I was able to play for 90 minutes because of the issues - if you don’t see a problem with it then great. But I feel like I’m not getting my money worth of the experience. Asking us to change servers when there’s no free transfer is also out of question for most people. Since there’s a monthly fee I should expect reasonable availability of the service I’m paying for. If the queue was 5-10 minutes each time you’d see probably very little backlash - but 30-60 minutes each time is simply unacceptable.


Translation: “I don’t have time to queue, revolve your game around me please”

You will also be here complaining about a dead server later down the line. Same s**t different server.