Still trash phasing

(Postura) #1

Its been a year or so and the phasing is still complete trash.

Every phase is either dominated by 1 faction and there is 0 balance. Everytime i go to a zone its completely dominated by alliance and never horde ofc this is a double sided problem because there are also alliance people who only have horde dominated phases most of the time.

Also i think giving alliance a 25% bonus compared to the horde is just ridiculous and never should have been a thing.

(Crisswyn) #2

If Alliance never received any buff, I don’t think many would have even care to enable Warmode. And then it would have made this feature advantageous to Horde only.

(Postura) #3

Ok but you shouldn’t receive a buff just because of joining a faction.

But this this more about the bad phasing always having 1 faction dominate it.

(Punyelf) #4

I honestly don’t think there are enough Alliance players to make balanced shards.

I just completed my Call to Arms for this week and it’s a struggle to find someone on a shard with Alliance in order to kill them. Last week we found out the hard that those in Boralus don’t count for the Tiragarde Sound CTA. Sadly it was the only place we could find allies to start with.

(Postura) #5

Then id gladly invite you to kazzak cause sharding there is a mess with a 1v5 alliance problem.


You remove the 25% buff I remove the PvP mode. It’s largely annoying enough to see only horde players during the journey of a regular Alliance player.
You’re saying shards are unbalanced, fine, I agree, but did you ever experienced the constant trouble of having to wait for hours to do an Azeritic world quest ? 'Cause that’s the routine of Alliance players with pvp on.

And that comes from a damned Rogue.

By the way; Spoiler : I have no issues with my Horde Warrior.

(Postura) #7

Actually i have the exact same problem but the alliance are ganking me so i don’t see why we got the same problem but alliance gets a buff for it.


As I said, weirdly, I have no issues with my Horde Warrior. I don’t even remember have been bothered once during the 110-120 phase.

Funnily, even my brand new Void Elf Mage got killed multiple times by lvl 120 horde players who were in low-level zones, were I didn’t saw one Alliance dude.

(Postura) #9

I believe you that you didn’t have any problem but the last week i have been gank multiple times in newhome (nazjatar horde base). This problem has happend ever since nazjatar came out.


Nazjatar is a completely different issue. And Completely Shard-related. The 25% boost has not been made for this zone, which is a complete mess if you ask me.

It has been made for all the others, which are only a threat for alliance players.

Concerning Naz, the fixes are not what you point out. This zone just can’t work with the current Sharding system. You can’t just force players to do raid groups in order to raid the other faction, while, in the other hand, do a sharding system that doesn’t care about the ratio h/a.

When a raid group is formed, it’s in one shard, a shard with random people who asked for nothing, so there is instantly a big inequality.

Apparently, they didn’t think about that obvious fact while “improving” the savage pvp.
But only Naz is affected by that, cause it’s the only zone that requires to form raid groups. Usually, even the call to arms only asks for regular groups

(Postura) #11

And this i just a massive problem and they should try and improve it. Cause atm there i always just too much alliance somehow in my phase.

Also if they fixed phasing just everywhere the bonus wouldn’t be needed at all.

Like i said before its a problem on both sides.


You didn’t understand what I meant, you can’t “fix” sharding. The overall ratio H/A is easily won by the horde, you can’t create Alliance players out of nothing to fix the gap.

The good thing to do would be to make Alliance appealing, which is a very hard work.
So they trade the time we lose by being gank with a bonus on the rewards.

But Naz has been so well thought that it manages to don’t care about overall ratio, it manages to be always uneven.

By the way, when I see that they didn’t even expected that there could be more than 40 ppl by shards (yeah, I’m talking about the servers), I don’t really expect them to have thought about balance.

(Postura) #13

Well the horde has a bit more people but its pretty balanced.
I was gonna link u the ratio but i can’t link site so if u wanna look it up go to realmpop eu,

So i don’t see why they should get a buff also mabye if alliance creates a raid mabye dump a horde raid into the same phase balancing it out.

(Crisswyn) #14

Would you say the same thing if you were playing Alliance? And be honest.

I get that, they should definitely look in the phasing issue. But keep in mind that because there is less Alliance who uses Warmode, most Horde won’t be able to meet any Alliance in most of their sessions because of the very unbalance Horde - Alliance ratio.

Meaning, hypothetically speaking, if there is a 120 Alliance with Warmode On and 300 Horde with theirs On. And if you want an equal “balanced” group battle. The phase will have 40 vs 40 and that’s it. So 3 groups of 40 people on the Horde side will get to do World PvP while the rest would not. So you might end up not getting do World PvP unless you get lucky.

Whereas the system they have in place is dynamic, it’s not perfect and it would take forever for me to explain how I think it works but I’m sure they can make it better.


By the way, I’m looking to stats over what people play at lvl 120, apparently, bring Blood elf to the alliance and it’s gonna be even again, damned 20% of all characters lvl 120 in the game are blood elves

Us, Worgens are only 2,5% :frowning:

(Postura) #16

Ofc not extra stuff is always nice but its not deserved when both sides have the same problem.

What you say is probably true about balance but as it stands now my server alawys seems to get dominated by alliance and alawys have a 1v5 situation.


I just look over Kazzak server, and apparently yes, it’s one of the rare servers dominated by Alliance, 77k ally for 33k Horde. Damned, should have went there

But anyway, isn’t sharding inter-server ?

(Postura) #18

Yeah alot of people play blood elfs but currently horde has 50,1% dominance overall servers and i think we can both agree something shouldn’t have a buff because of 0.1% difference.


I won’t considere this stats. Only the lvl 120 stats, which shows 55% of Horde. And that’s not even considering Warmode ratio.

And even without the ratio it’s biased. It shows the number of characters created. So with my account, with like 15 chars in it, I’m ruining those stats.

(Postura) #20

even at 55% that doesn’t warrant a huge buff. i would probably apply such a buff a 70% difference.

Also it does show created but imma go with a max of 60/40 even then it doesn’t really warrant a buff.

Also i went to kazzak because its a horde dominated server or atleast it was pre warmode.