Stitches if Full

It‘s full and it‘s wonderful!!

I‘m so happy so many people still have interest in this game and even for hardcore mode.
So better have queues instead of having no one to play with.

Expect waiting time as well as servers crashes from time to time especially right after a launch

Guy’s he’s had enough D:

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Oh god it’s so full now that it won’t let more queue!

Keep trying! Myself and others managed to get in the queue after many attempts.

No biggie, made a horde shaman in the meantime.

Is worth the price

how do i change realm if i cant login? there is only the reconnect button.

and i can not transfer a hc character to the other hc server.

Keep spamming and you get the queue eventually.

ok that worked. now Stiches is offline :slight_smile:

i think i go back and play Armored Core VI

What dropoff…25 days later. 19.35 pm waittime 47 min 1607 people in front of me

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Yeah… Blizzard really should have picked a better name for the other one.

Like “son of argual” would have been perfect.

Hm, on another note. Lots of those might also just be bots…

What do you guys have all with server names? I didnt care about server names, i got scammed by Blizzard (2 Servers, both full, picked the last one thinking that it was sorted by population, guess what: Stitches it was). This “full” is just not enough information!

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Because the naming could have helped with sorting the player base. Like with the US side, there is a clear alliance server and a clear horde server just from the server names. Here we got alliance and… lesser known alliance. So everyone flocked by default to stitches.

Why is in not good idea to go for 50-50 distrbution? All one side flocking to one server makes for overcrowded. At least now I know go Horde for Stitches :wink:

Good to see, had a 2k queue at 11:30 server time on Tuesday night

Though, saw something on reddit about the servers having a stroke? Might be causing some queues.

Deja vu?

This is why Thekal died, this is why other servers that were overcrowded died

This is why wow will die at some point

And I’ll tell you why. Because of greed of a company that already makes millions monthly.

It’s just that. Crap servers, no real time problem solving. It will be overcrowded and then it will die(stitches server)

Like please blizzard employ me for a month cause this is laughable. I don’t even play on stitches but I know where it’s heading.

That didn’t age well

I think Miylee somthing like a god for who a couple of days same as eternity for us mortals :wink: