Stop Banning Players with General Tapic "Bot/cheat"

Hello there
I have been an active player of world of warcraft for more than 13 years and just recruited more than 50 players to WOW
I have TCG Pets,mounts like X-51 Nether-Rocket X-TREME
Most of shop pets and mounts
More than 21300 achievements from 2008
Collections that dont exist anymore lots and lots of mounts that are unobtainable now days
More than 30 characters leveled up up to 60 in retail and classic
just check my Reps , Collections , achievements in feast of strength category I have bought epic/deluxe edition of all blizzard games ranging from starcraft II to diablo III,i have been the guildmsater of same guild for years now and i have been actively playing with 5 wow accounts linked to my account and now all of the sudden my account is suspended not just 1 account but all of my 5 accounts together for botting,cheating and exploitative behaviour i have contacted blizzard and they have stated that they will look into matters and investigate but 6 days has passed they still have not answered me, let alone unsuspend me and free my account my guild is dying both in BCC and retail wow,blizzard do you really think I cant afford to have another battle net to use cheat and bots or use shady programs on this account and keep safe my collector account that worth thousands dollars and a decade of experience !!!
Im wonder since then when and how i did “Offense: Exploitative Activity: Unauthorized Cheat Programs (Hacks)”
just please check one of my characters armory :

I want the community to hear me and I demand blizzard to unsuspend my account ASAP


wow blizz just wow,bots are wandering throught realms and U ban this guy?do even wardens look at people’s account these days or u just ban people for no reason and pretended u banned a bot?

hey there me completely agree with this guy and blizzard think player are fool using bot or cheat on his worthy own account for what !!!? player is not farmer you could easily ban them players dedicated himself to his account blizzard its time to change your investigate team or figured out about this issue

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i’m impressed how blizzard can ruin the experience of a man like hamid.
when i came to blizzard i thought that it’s better than EA games and ubisoft, but now i see that they are all the same trash company.

blizz is the embodiment of being blind,i had plans to come back to game for patch 9.1 and BCC but guess what ive deleted i prefer to put my money in trash can rather than spending it in wow subs GJ blizz u better unban or other people like me will be gone #freehamid

blizz free hamid !!!
is it a trend now days to ban innocent players so they can vacum more money?
wait what do u mean by all of your 5 account!!!?

unban my man hamid you can literally see that he has not done any thing wrong #freehamid

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LUL!! blizzard like always.what do you expect mate ? blizzard loot at your name and ban you for their fun they are racist dont care about other ppl imagane blizzard think what kind of player important for us!! hate you blizz do you even hear it?!

free my guildie U dont have the right to suspend this man he has done nothing wrong

Listen to reason , Devos!!! who’s going to cheat on that account!! lol wow this dude is playing for 13 yearsssss

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I know this guy . He is an old warcraft player and he didnt used never cheat or anything like that.
Help him to unban please.
Thanks alot

Using addons to spam chat for guild members, is a pain in the backside. I couldn’t care less how many players you recruited as it didn’t benefit me in anyway so for what it’s worth. I agree with the ban. #DropTheBanHammer

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