Stop playing rogue, srsly!

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To be fair, we’ve always had those abilities except for the self healing vial.
Kidney Shot, Evasion and Gouge used to be available to all specs. Same goes for Dismantle, Blind and Shiv (used to remove Enrage effects, Cata and onwards).
Poisons were available to any and every Rogue and we used to have Instant Poison along with Deadly and of course the old Wound and Cripple, which could be used in any combination.

Outlaw does benefit from Between the Eyes, being able to stun from a short distance instead of up close but you lose poisons.

A class favored for PvP… I remember playing dudu’s, which meant you had to manage your stuns carefully due to DR. Our (burst) damage output was negligible when compared to a dudu’s ability to do major bleeding damage, movement constrictions, insta range dot, insta tank form and self healing (obviously no DR on that). If you made a single mistake, the dudu would be healed to full and you’d be left with barely any CD’s, your stuns still on DR making them near useless and your damage output laughed at by a big furry bear.

What I’m trying to say is that I believe no single class is favored for PvP although some might be a bit more versatile than others. It’s all about what Blizz does to the abilities, not so much which abilities we have. Having a third stun is nice but if your damage output would fall behind, it’s useless. In my opinion the focus is too much on which class is in a better place, whilst it should be on what abilities do and how much damage they do.

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Heh. You know what? I guarantee on whatever class you take, you will piss someone off :smiling_imp:

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its patethic that you cry about rogues a s fcking DK which is the n°1 counter for us
just pop your f
cking Anti magic shield on vendetta, and gg
The only sht rtarded clas i’m struggling in 2s/3s its Unholy
everything else if i loose its because i’ve done mistake, but DK… DK are on another level of stupidity
70% slow, cant be slowed, anti magic, anti stun, dmg reduction, self healing
burst potential, anti-healing stuffs, 3457896345 pets so you aint fu*king run away neither u can prevent his dmg, both of magic and physical dmg



This is the stupidest thing I’ve read on these forums…

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Well I mean rogue is basically on the brink of being un-fun for me, most fights consist of do I have cds? Can I ninja cap the flag. Have I got cheese trinkets? As a class on its own, rogue is really un-fun. I’m very greatful its a 2 vs 2 else people would be screaming at rogues to stop resetting the fight too.


If you can see so many rogues they must be doing something wrong.


…made my day lol “Stop playin rogues” HAHAHAH

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Sounds like someone is salty because he can’t beat rogues. Perhaps the problem is not the rogues, but you being a poor player?

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Beating rogues 1 on 1 is so easy though…

My favourite spec got nerfed at the start of BFA, then the AOE spec got nerfed. Only assassination left but that spec is so energy starved, i could compare myself to african children.

I think you just need to git gud or if you dont feel confident in your skills, group up.