Stop playing rogue, srsly!

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13/11/2018 15:40Posted by Rosulao
Taken out of context


Absolutely the most disgusting class in game.


so many people are playing this retarded class.

Cannot be interpreted in any other way than...

bashing the class

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Damn it, I wish I wouldn't be alliance. I would spend my time to gank this guy.

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This guy's parents must be heroes! They rise such a retarded kid and still keep it at home! /Bow

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fixed next patch

PvP Talents (1)
Deadly Brew Deadly Poison also applies Minor Wound Poison to the target for 8 sec, reducing healing received by 15%.

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I'm leveling another rogue just to spite you, Rosulao! =P

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14/11/2018 15:28Posted by Farwatcher
I'm leveling another rogue just to spite you, Rosulao! =P

Doesn’t makes any difference since you are unable to play on both of them at the same time, sweetheart :*

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Well, probability that you meet another rogue is already higher and this is what you have complained about in the first place.

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That’s not true. Frost DK is very weak in arena. Rogue feels godlike compared to DK.


make it so … that i can take all my leather gear and up in on my dh and i quit my rogue


Ingame I would spam “/bored” at you…everytime the same whining… :smiley:

And here we go for 8.1 …read this :

<3<3<3<3 Can´t wait for more whining kids here :smiley:


Well, there you have it guys…
Rosulao says we should play something else…

It’s been fun while it lasted, but I guess the Rogue class is dead now seeing as we’re not allowed to be rogues.

Too bad, I really liked this class…

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Oh, a player from Aegwynn. No wonder that you’re an a**hole. You can call it whine, but they have the reasons to complain about that. I think rogue will nerfed again…



It´s just about creating the next thread here and its still the same…we don´t have already 1 million threads about this… Every little kiddy needs to have his own thread to complain about.

Let´s w8 for 8.1 and then we will see how they tweek everything out. Druid gets a remaster. I think there will be coming some complain and whining threads for druids next… :smiley: look at the changes… :smiley: there will be a huge buff and then there will be nerfs too :smiley: and the most kids that are whining here can´t even play their class in a proper way…

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What :smiley: is :smiley: wrong :smiley: with :smiley: you? :smiley:


One of the main reasons I started playing as Rogue; to piss people off.

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Great way to play if you want to be an energy deprived sneaky


You do realise AMS protects you against poisons don’t you?

The problem here is DK is weak in Arena at the moment, Rogue’s aren’t specifically overpowered.


rogue is by far the most broken dps spec atm arena ladders show this as does the sheer amount of people playing the class 4-5 on each team every bg


I’m not a PvP Player. But I have to admit… never was it easier for me to kill someone in BG/Open World even with superior gear. The damage is good but you have stealth, vanish, self healing, evasions for physical and magic and 3 kind of stuns (all from my Outlaw perspective). The PvP Toolbox of Rogues is def. massive. I can absolutely understand everyone who plays a Rogue in PvP, it feels great. :stuck_out_tongue:
Some classes are more designed for PvP than others. Blizzards Balancing.