Stopped playing in 2010. WoW has changed a LOT


I want to start fresh in WoW Classic WotLK. I have a new character on Firemaw and raised it to level 20. But:

  1. The server seems low population even as it is reported to be full. Is there a PVP server that is still as animated and alive as things were 2004-2010?

  2. The Auction House seems dead. Very few orders.

What PVP server would be most populated and alive, with BG PvP and World PvP. functioning economy, guilds and all the drama associated with them? Hope I am not a relic of the past for wanting all these.

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I believe this site is still the best indication of realm populations

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Wrath was quite busy a year or so ago.

It has thinned out a lot over the last 6 months. Wrath is basically over, and Blizzard have announced “Classic Cata” to follow it.

Further, Retail has just dropped a new patch. A lot of people play both, and they will be spending their gametime in Retail for the next few weeks.

Like Punyelf, I do believe that is the best guide to population, and that says that Firemaw Alliance is the busiest server/faction.

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