Store mounts bought via ingame gold


hi, so i am a disabled stay at home player which enjoys wow in its critical annoying state - that said tho i feel offended to say the least that i have to pay such a high price for a mistake i did (not to mention i think i was talking to a robot not a GM)

so i bought store mounts via gold and seems like this is considered somewhat ilegal by blizz and for any given reason i will not get my gold bk but the gold from the guy selling was taken away (i wonder is this wow or an indy cheap game?)

i got no help whatsoever from GM - was taking to him and she/he left chat (more like begging)


Hello Amantia,

If you paid for the code with in-game gold then you engaged in a transaction which is not supported, and no gold will be restored to your character.

I understand this is not the answer you wanted to hear, but I’m afraid we cannot help you get your gold back. You can report the player to our Game Masters, and they’ll take appropriate action on that player’s account.

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(Dottie) #3

You could have bought tokens and changed them to Blizzard balance.

I’m pretty sure the seller would have done a chargeback and you would have lost the mounts anyway.


not that my issue will arise something or will it ever be acknowledged but i found if so unfair i was treated in such a horrible way! seems like we are not treated like paying costumers but more like pigs we can never get it right with these ppl…i believe as paying costumers we deserve better (costumer is always right and it should be cause without our money wow would not exist

i am a paying costumer this is not the way to treat a paying costumer

hagut y u keep saying that? i did it in the past (my RL bought me a code and as a token of appriciation i gave him some gold since he was not into farming - just so he could support his raiding - none of us got punished for that!) this is cruel imo and so unfair! keep the mount but restore my gold pls!

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Actually you were treated leniently, they could have banned your account. You broke the rules and they could have permanently disabled your account.

This event is not the same. The terms and conditions you agreed to have been broken. You agreed to buy the code, it wasn’t a gift.

The only way not to break the rules when buying a store mount for gold is to buy tokens and redeem them for Blizzard balance, then buy the mount.


If someone gifts you a mount or pet from the Blizzard Shop, and then it suddenly disappears from your collection, it usually means there might have been an issue with the payment. In those cases you should talk to your friend and ask them to contact our customer support to resolve the payment issue.

Resolving such payment issues can only be done by speaking with the person that placed the order - your friend.

What happened to you was not the same, and as explained above, not something we can help you with, seeing as this is an unsupported transaction.

As Dottie said above, you can convert tokens to Blizzard Balance, which will then allow you to purchase store items - see our Using a WoW Token support article for more information.

I’m sorry we cannot help you with this.

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i really hope you realize you are stealing from me €60 worth of tokens from a 55% disabled person that makes €45/week. Good job well done.

(Dottie) #8

If you had bought tokens in the first place then none of this would have happened, it was you trying to cheat the system, and what about equal rights? Why should they treat you different because you are disabled?

Edit: I also suggest that after this is locked you don’t make another thread about it.


i didnt knew i could do that before u Dottie told me so! in fact i would like to thank you cause u made me realize they are stealing €60 from me (if it wasnt for you Dottie i would’ve let this go after ive spoken with some guildies sharing my will to quit after such disappointment they told me its not worth it to quit for just game currency) thanks to you now Dottie i know its real cash worth of 3months game time! i wasnt trying to cheat the system lol youre either a 12yr old or do not understand what am typin. equal rights? lol you’re joking right? i dont even que in banks or so on lol equal right are to normal ppl - so please dont be dumb and stop trying to get it right with me! no not cause am disabled but cause it was a genuine mistake not in my control! if i knew credit card was stolen i would not have bought mounts from him! so since you do not know the entire story please leave the topic to be handled by appropriate ppl.

and yes Dottie disabled ppl like myself are respected all over the world except here clearly!

reply to your edit: hmm i shall see what suits me best but thank you for pointing it out!

(Dottie) #10

I never said I don’t respect you. All I said is that you are being treated fairly, where as it sounded like you wanted special treatment because of your disabilities. Otherwise why bring it up?

No one is stealing from you, can you steal a virtual ingame currency? A simple google search would tell you about buying store mounts from someone ingame is breaking the rules. Most people would have at least done some research before spending that much gold.

I an not 12, I am probably older than you and as for not understanding what you are typing, that is more the typer than the typee. All you seem to be doing is not accepting the Blizzard employees statements.

I don’t think I ever mentioned a stolen credit card.


Hello everybody,

I see, everything was said here and before we drift away further, I am closing here.

Kind regards

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