Storm-charged manipulator - what items can it be used on

I am about to choose a reward from the vault and one of the rewards I can select is a 418 belt, without a socket. I have a 415 belt on me, but it is socketed. The reward just says Mythic, but the one I have equipped says that it is Mythic 15/15, so basically a fully upgraded Mythic+ item. I wonder if I can use the Storm-charged manipulator to add a socket to the belt from the vault, the 418 one.

My question comes from the fact that it’s description says that it can only be used on Season 1 items, so the proper question would be, is a 418 belt from the vault a Season 1 item?

We are still in Season 1.

Season 2 starts with Patch 10.1, probably late May/June:

So anything you can get now has to be Season 1.


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