Storm Chaser

Please could something be done to improve the experience of trying to complete this achievement which is part of this expansions meta achievement.

Currently there is only one storm of a random type in a random zone at any given time with a wait between spawns.

Two zones (Thal’draszus and Ohn’ahran Plains) only have 1 possible location for a storm where the two other zones ( Waking Shores and Azure Span) have 3!
This stops the storms appearing across 4 zones equally.
On top of this you then need to hope that its a storm of the type you need.
Together these combine into too much RNG for the few storms a regular player can reasonably do each day.

Please can you consider changes such as increasing the number of storms up at once like before the Forbidden Reach was introduced, where there were 3 storms active at a time.



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