Storm event in the Primalist Future

Excessive lag, game freezes up for half a minute at a time and not just only when joining into a different group or phasing to a different server shard. FPS almost in negative numbers during frost golem boss.

After a while, the game starts crashing. Memory error it says. The game starts using almost 16GB of memory after spending 15 minutes in this area. Now I’m stuck in some kind of loop that closes down the game immediately after logging back in.

Keeps happening. Average usage is around 5GB but it keeps growing at a steady rate in this zone and it will double within two or three realm hops.

I could either restart the game or leave through the bronze portal and wait outside for 5 minutes until memory usage normalizes again, after which the whole cycle repeats itself.


Absolutely ridiculous design. Join a group, game freezes and is messed up until a complete restart.


am running 64gb of ram and it even caps out my ram usage its mental…

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go the same, in this very area “primalist future”, all ram is taken suddenly and game crashes after a while.
Blizzard sould investigate this


There was something similar related to damage meter addons which was “fixed” the other day, but this is a completely unrelated issue which kept happening even without any external tools.

WoW by and itself shouldn’t be capable of consuming such large amounts of memory - even under extreme circumstances it’ll rarely go higher than 5-8GB. We have however seen some drastically increased memory consumption by some addons in the new areas, which could well exceed these rather tame limits.

The steps listed here would be worth a try, to see if memory consumption changes in a “pure” game environment. I would also additionally recommend to uninstall all types of addon-management software for a test - there are a few of them that are known to “hook” into the game processes of WoW, artificially inflating the amount of memory that said processes then occupy.

I haven’t experienced anything close to this in terms of bad performance anywhere in the game and the expansion has been out for more than two months. Valdrakken is a disaster because it tanks everyone’s FPS, but considering it is a central hub for the server, some 2000 constantly dragons flying around it and heavy load created by crafting orders and AH, all of this is entirely expected. Still the most important is that the performance remains constant.

I don’t use an SSD so the world and its assets don’t load instantly for me. Sometimes Dalaran can take up to half a minute before I can even start moving, otherwise I’ll be blocked by invisible walls every two steps in all directions. That’s fine.

In this specific area, joining a group sometimes takes forever. At first your screen freezes, some time later raid frames appear. A minute later you’re still in the old phase and can’t see anyone in the game world around you, the game freezes again for ten seconds and the shade of your raid frames lights up indicating there are other players close to you, but you can’t do anything, because now your game has become a slideshow and it takes a while longer to catch up, by which time you didn’t even get the chance to tag the boss having no control of your character and the event is over, so you are doomed to repeat the process, except that by the third time, your game crashes, screen turns black and you must restart the PC by force.

The area is simply crammed with too many players and this is the root cause of all the issues. The event itself is very boring but players can still reap the rewards with minimal to absolutely no participation. The gist of it all is to realm hop like crazy for several hours until you have killed the end boss some 70 times in a row until you can afford to buy all the player collection items from the vendor.

Repeat boss kills within the same day, in the same reset window grant 6x currency but the base event reward once every 5(?) hours gives less than that in the box which you receive. This is not gameplay, the content is boring and no one enjoys doing it past first completion, yet everyone is here doing the same thing because they want the Mount from the vendor.

The problem is with zone and content design. I’ve probably found myself around the Dragonbane Keep event in The Waking Shores hundreds of times by now with hundreds of other players on my screen, yet it never led to a less than ideal player experience. The same can be said for the Iskaraa Soup event (after some adjustments).


I tried this, but it didn’t help. :confused:

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Wednesday World boss + Event worked fine however today Primalist future was endless LAG + freeze + another LAAAAAG + another freeze and even leaving Primalist Future and zoning into “Love is in the Air” dungeon ended in lag when I got to dungeon long after boss was killed. Whole issue persisted over half hour so I just restarted game :frowning:

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It worked fine for the first half of 4 hours before the whole thing either got interrupted thanks to the elemental chest event up in the left corner or before the main event decided to end prematurely for some other unknown reason.

Whatever has been done with this zone and event over the last day, it’s even worse now. I’ve tried entering the portal, game crashed and it wouldn’t let me in for another half an hour because it would crash at the loading screen each time. Character move service (unstuck) didn’t work either as it left me in the same place. Once I managed to get in the game was using 12gb of RAM or more and it took more than 3 minutes before it started to respond, another two minute before my FPS climbed into a positive +2 slideshow.

It is 5 am and there’s a handful of players around, all suffering the same experience.

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has anyone tried what the blue post said? is it an addon? and if so, which one?

pretty bad to get a memory leak every time you want to do storm’s fury

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What is happening, today the game started using 9gb of ram within minutes in Valdrakken and it eventually crashed while I was afk staring at a wall.


Using char unstuck while in buged event ports you to nearest gy which is in the same buged zone so no help there.Memory issue.

my game freeze and crash after enter portal :angry:

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