Stormreaver (PvP) Horde Reconnections

In this thread, please post if you played WoW on the Horde side of Stormreaver in 2004-2006.

For best results, post what you remember about yourself and your friends you used to play with:

• Your character’s name, race and class.
• The name of your original guild on this realm.
• The character names of other players you’re hoping to reconnect with.

Please stick with in-game info, and do not post IRL identifying information about yourself or others.

To quickly find if the friend or guild you’re looking for is listed here, use the Search function! Just select the magnifier icon on the top right – be sure to check “Search this topic” to limit your results to this thread.

Good luck finding your former mates!

  • Tirre - Tauren Hunter
  • <Xanadu Legacy>
  • Anyone that I have played with back in the days!

Vornox - Orc Hunter
Reign of Chaos
Any oldschool mateys here?
ps. I do remember you Tirre :stuck_out_tongue:

Hecuba - Undead Mage
Reign of Chaos

Vorno my countryman! Me and Ghosta are coming back to play Classic in the Golemagg server :wink:

Dude, how can I add you to my battlenet friends list?

Replacement - Orc Shaman
Reign Of Chaos / Massive

Baez - orc shaman / massive

Freakalize - UD Rogue

Veni vidi vici i think it was called.

Kuruana - orc warrior.
Played some PVP & PVE with Sauna.

Had so much fun during vanilla with both horde & alliance players and the community was tight! Greetings to everyone I know, few mentions below:
-Faehlingen (gnome?)
EL & Sauna overall.

Delaxart - undead mage

I played mostly PvE with guilds Ghiaurii and Reign of Chaos.

Mig troll hunter. First level 60 hunter on Stormreaver :stuck_out_tongue:
Was in Cunning Stunts, The Asylum and Entropy
Going to play on Mirage Raceway (pve) because I’m old now and have less time to play :stuck_out_tongue:

Thoth - tauren warrior
Guilds: reign of chaos and entropy

Currently on stonespine.
Made a new guild with some old stormreaver players and quite a few new to us players.

Come find me, name and race is the same.

Glad to see so many familiar names here.

tag is my name # 2939

Discord will be given upon request

Guild is formed: oblivious
Come have a chat, see you guys around,

Faehlingen, Gnome mage. Mostly PvP. Rank 13. Was in Post Morten back tjen.

Currently playing on Flamelash.

Kuruana ofc :slight_smile:

And many more… :slight_smile:

Foxdies (Priest) - now known as Foxdies - Warrior - Shazzrah
Still Finnish, and many from the old guild Ginnunga started on Shazzrah as well, we are quite openly accepting old acquaintances in to the guild.

I was Jeesuz, Troll Shaman on Stormreaver in guild <Seksikäs Lauma> - A guild I started for the finnish people to be a little arsy maybe, but made infinitely better by my friend I made the Guilt Leader “Seksikäs”

I am on Ten Storms, reliving the Troll dream. If any of you Sexy Horde out there, you are still beautiful.

Zhakür - troll priest from Disharmony and Untamed.

Nowadays skipper of this finnish boat called < kulkurit > on Gandling. Come say hello if the name rings any bells!

PS. Croter saat velat x)

Warlord Candino
Reign of Chaos & The Inner Circle
Undead Mage

Don’t have the login anymore of my old account. Some1 knows if Blizzard can help to get it back?
Now playing classic atm
Candino lvl 60 mage @ Razorgore

1 year late but if you ever see this - I’m on Razorgore Alliance - Wraíth

Creable $ Coaeted - Rouge and warlock.
The inner circle - horde