Stormspine bb

This server has finally died for the alliance.
To get into BRD you need to spend 20 to 60 minutes on endless got up and died.
in 50+ locations scumbags are on duty scrubbing the cities and not giving the opportunity to swing, they are waiting at the corpse of your resurrection. Very interesting. Defenders of the settlements of LVL 54, are you serious?

I am sorry for the time spent on this. Will I swing again on another server? Not.
Starting to play, I hoped that you are developers - you will take into account the experience of past mistakes. But no, you were only interested in money.


Sad myself about situation of phase 2. While I’ve been leveling on Horde it felt as a balanced server(while leveling, ofc). But most of people who leveled till cap and didn’t stop to play are horde, that’s unfortunate. If there was free fraction change on a server for horde it’d solve the problems.

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