Stormwind Times Bulletin

(( I couldn’t think of a better name?! ))

An official looking scroll is pinned outside the keep main gate, signed by Lord John Borisson, the Alderman of the House of Nobles, and High Magistrate Ashela Clayton.

Due to Miss Claytons continued absence from the city for personal reasons, Senior Magistrate Kaitlan Graham will be promoted to the position of High Magistrate, effective immediately. Miss Clayton will be placed on continued leave of absence and, should she wish to return, will do so as a Magistrate.

The Commanders Official Handover Ceremony

Lord Commander Nakama Atlan will hand over the Commandership of the Stormwind City Guard to Captain Leofric Curtes. High Magistrate Kaitlan Graham will perform the ceremony, in the Stormwind Royal Keep. All are invited to attend the ceremony and afterwards for a drinks reception. The official ceremony will begin at half past the hour.

Friday 18th at the Keep.
Meet from 20:00

((Hope to see folks there! :slight_smile: ))

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