Story Forum Offtopic Lounge pt. 2


Welcome to the Story Forum Offtopic Lounge, pt. 2! Unfortunately, the last one got locked and unlisted because it got derailed. :confused: But we will be on our best behavior now, right?

Feel free to discuss everything you want to, and it doesn’t have to be related to the lore at all, or even WoW.

Link to the old thread:
Pt. 1: Story Forum Offtopic Lounge

(Anouk) #2

first ayyyyy :ok_hand::point_up_2:



(Araphant) #4

Third! I always liked the number 3.

(Anouk) #5

Oh no please don’t
I don’t want to get banned off this amazing forums


Glad to see the Lounge restored! Hope to see it busy again as its predecessor, with all kind of Story forum posters! :wink:


Jaina did nothing wrong.


Oglethorpe Obnoticus for High Tinker! Join the campaign now! Just the name should be enough to get your vote!

(Elyssarain) #9

Garithos did nothing wrong.

(Morsteth) #10

I don’t see the need for an off topic thread in a topic driven forum :expressionless: Please stop this spam


Why it feels like the majority of PvP Players are :peach: holes?


Daelin Proudmoore did nothing wrong. Thrall broke the Alliance Internment Act, raided an Alliance garrison, hijacked Alliance ships, and indirectly started a massive insurrection that would ravage Southern Lordaeron and distract the Alliance from the Plague that was spreading in the north.

(Erevien) #13

Next! Nothing to see here. Go along.


You could just simply not click on it if you don’t want to look at it :P.

(Elyssarain) #15

Griefers exist aplenty. Where there is pvp there will be griefers, just a matter of how many due to how easily abused the game mechanics are. Looking at you in particular, rogues.


Thai just sad mon, that’s just sad :disappointed:

(Araphant) #17

Who? In ten characters.


The inventor of the OOX mechanical chickens and the Crowd Pummeler, living in exile, since he was wrongly accused of Sicco’s crime and… well, treated like a criminal. But a genius tinker,like he will tell you, and he has no reason to lie.

…but mostly he has an awesome name.

(Zakkaru) #19

Zul’Jin and Amani did nothing wrong!


Even better, you can hide it entirely from the thread list.

But oh well, we have approval from the CM and the GMs to post this, so we’re fine.