Strands of the ancient > Kotmogu

Can we change kotmogu for sota please. Completely have had it with this silly bg.


Or, you know, just give it the SotA treatment and remove it. I won’t miss it even in the slightest.

No, never. Kotmogu is one of the best. and Hotmogu is the best brawl ever.



it is a terrible BG. Half of the specs in the game can’t hold the orb because their defensives rely on stealth or immunities which can’t be used with the orb

melee are awful in it because if a deathball ever forms in mid, going near it is instant death.

healing in it is terrible, because it is so small and there is so much LoS, half of the targets you try to heal will actually be behind walls, or stairs, or under the ledge, or around a corner. Also, the orb carriers quickly become literally immune to healing, which is a very fun mechanic! I love having my effectiveness reduced to zero for no reason!

winning in it is terrible, because most of the time you’ll just win the first fight in 30 seconds via superior wizards, then AFK in the mid for 2 minutes while waiting on the win.

losing in it is terrible for the same reason.

I would like to see it redesigned entirely into a multi-point KOTH map. Instead of running into the middle and chain-dying, have the orbs stay where they are and instead have big circles around them like the carts in silvershard mines. You control 2-3 of them and patrol between them.

Also, make the graveyards static. The middle point can then have powerups and be a transition zone between the orbs, rather than the only place that matters.


Strand was a blast, I miss it. Don’t really have an issue with Kotmogu, but I’d let them take away Seething Shore anyday.

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This. So much this. I described it to my team-mates yesterday as a mini version of WG because if you lose the fight you are almost guaranteed a loss. I like your idea of a rework.

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Sota was one of the most boring BG they ever made… like Wintergrasp.

If they activate it again I hope they bring back the blacklist.

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You have some valid points there, but overall similar things happen in the other BGs as well. I love katmogu and the hotmogu brawl because it’s straight ownage. Ppl dying faster with orbs is quite a “balancing” mechanic that isn’t bad, I wish holding orbs wouldn’t disable all those defensive CDs.

I remember playing strand on RBGs, it was the most stupid map ever. Any PvP BG where you are supposed to be in vehicles/turrets for so long is just dumb. Would have been cool if one could just “activate” those things and they would move/attack on their own.

Better to implement BG-blacklisting again, so everyone can disable those they don’t want to play.


Hmm Strand of the Ancients :grin: nostalgic.
Bring it back.

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To me Kotmogu is top 5, (in no order) warsong, arathi, twin peaks, gilneas > kotmogu

Instead of removing Kotmogu, how about bring back Tol barad as epic bg? Maybe we could first test it out as a brawl to see how it would end up being after all these years, if people like it put it in the epic bg category.


Kotmogu is big fun, love me some brainless brawling inbetween running marathons in AB and deepwind
Vehicle bgs are all kinda poop and a onesided strand was rough, kotmogu at the very least ends really fast if its a roll

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I’d happily play Sota in the standard battlegrounds, and blacklisting is also needed, I tick Ashran in a heartbeat.

Over Wintergrasp - the most imbalanced BG in the history of MMOs?

Kotmogu is great.

Seething Shore actually HAS reasons to be removed, the main one being that it’s the only BG that will end prematurely due to players instantly quitting if they don’t get 200/1500 first.

That should only happen in the brawl version. If anyone drops group in normal SS they should be replaced within a couple of mins.

It happens all the time when levelling, which would be understandable if any other BG had the same issue, but they don’t. It definitely highlights people’s unwillingness to try if they don’t immediately get on track for an overwhelming win, something that plagues most end-game BGs too. The issue here is it’s a loss for the winning team anyway, as we normally end up racing against the clock to 1500 so we can get credit. But often we don’t manage to.

Yeah, Ashran feels bland in comparison for me.

Any bg with a vehicle is bad in my opinion

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Ioc got vehicles, but is diferent.

The glaives in Isle of Conquest just need a buff after first season of every expansion. They are OP in S1 but can easily be soloed by most classes from S2 onwards, making Hangar meta for the rest of the expansion.