Struggling to Find Active PvP Guilds – Any Tips?

Hey WoW Community,

I’ve been a denizen of Azeroth for over a decade, and after all that time, it’s clear to me that PvP is what keeps me coming back. The Guild Search UI has been less than helpful, showing mostly inactive or dormant guilds.

Given this common challenge, how do you all go about finding an active and engaging PvP guild? Any strategies or platforms that you’ve found particularly effective?

Just to give you an idea of my credentials, I’m equipped with full conquest gear, have a Solo-Challenger 2 rank in Season 2, an RBG rating of 1560, and a 2v2 achievement score of 1550. While I consider myself a casual player, I log in nearly every day and I’m looking for a guild where I can contribute and grow.

Your suggestions not only help me but also anyone else in a similar situation. So let’s pool our knowledge!

Thanks, and looking forward to your insights!

Full conquest gear; Solo: Challenger 2, Season 2 (1733); RBG - 1561, 2v2 1550 achiv.
Battletag: NeonSeal #22878

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Arms Warrior Severinno

same, my only suggestion is we add each other on Bnet and start running some teams.

Start a community, though yeh they’re inactive , but better, a discord server. If there isn’t a DF / retail pvp server, let’s make one


Great idea.

Theoden#21213 add me if u want

I aswell would like to join, sended you a friend request

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Added u also. Im sick of the premade’s in random BG’s or bots just fighting mid.