Struggling with quests

So I am doing the quests at Tiragarde Sound and I am at an area called and I can’t finish quests without dying non-stop. The mobs his so hard and there is so much aggro. I am a bit at a loss here. Am I missing something? Or am I in the wrong area? I am playing a guardian druid and I never use to die really. The mobs are level 24 as am I. Surely I should be able to manage that?

Which area?

For general questing, and at such a low level, you should be tearing through everything in your path. However, if there is a Horde airship attacking Boralus there are some NPCs that will quickky hammer you into the floor. The invasion NPCs do not scale properly for lower level characters (they’re basically level 50 elites).

I was at Algerson Lumber Yard, the Lumbergrask Senteniels hit so hard I died about 5 times in a very short time and there was a lot of aggro. Since then I am level 25 and moved to Drustvar. With tearing through, you mean with or without heirlooms? I am not tearing things down that is for sure. One, two and three mobs I can handle but more than that and I am down quickly. I can’t remember struggling with quests much on a Guardian druid.

Wow. I don’t remember those sentinels being particularly threatening the last time I levelled through there.

Without. Heirlooms are generally very weak these days. Quest rewards and the like are generally better for the most part.

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