Stuck, can't progress, rejected all the time

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I jusr returned to play the new patch… Boy was I wrong.
My ilvl is 402.
I sign up for the HC raid but I am declined, all the time.
I am not getting gear from mythic+.
I am not progressing.

I am stuck. I don’t know how to go to the new island.
I did not even get the quest.
I am lost. Don’t know what to do.
Blizz have made it impossible, gated everything , stopping casuals like me from playing.

This is no fun. Already cancelled my sub if I can’t play new patch.
Blizz, are you listening? This is why you are losing money.

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Yeah like there is no way gearing right? HC drops 430 ilvl, thats way beyond yours. Do emissaries? Wqs? Do normal? Warfront? LFR?

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Done normal and LFR.

I need 100 war resources for the boat quest.
How do I even get them???

It’s just so difficult…


There’s usually some world quests that give War Resources as a reward.


you can progress in m+ tho just not in 10+ yet, you can get plenty of upgrades in lower keys work your way up.

farm pearls and upgrade benthic gear, also upgrade the benthic azerites for some easy ilvl upgrades.

you can also replace your 370 trinket with a 400 darkmoon trinket from the AH if you have the gold.

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Do M+. Don’t expect to hit 10s straight away. And push your key, don’t sign up for other people’s


I can’t see how it is possible to get stuck below around 420 - 425 iLevel

Emissary quests give 415 above 400 - weekly Nazjatar World Boss is 430 - lists of WQ’s with chance of Titanforging - Pearl upgrades to Bethnic is Nazjatar - Tinkering and Multi-slot trinket in Mechagon

You’d have to have no drive no to level - I dinged 120 on a Lock on Sunday and he is 396 with around 4 hours of play time since I hit cap


Sorry but i have to ask, are you trolling much? You are lvl120 and have ilvl402 and you dont know how to get 100 war resources for the boat quest? For real?

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I’m 415 on 2 toons with no raids/mythical. Not hard to get there and if you’ve 10 levels higher the ‘powers that be’ might consider your lowliness :wink:

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