Stuck in a disconnect loop outside of Alliance Garrison

I have exited my Tier 1 base from the North side. I have just stepped onto the slope leading down towards the beach and it disconnected me. Whenever I attempt to log back in it immediately disconnects me again.

Self-unstuck service isn’t helping and it didn’t even move me away from the problematic spot so now the character is completely unusable until someone responds to my ticket (Silvermoon server, fresh character in Shadowmoon Valley).

It’s a known bug that’s been around for ages and seems to be ignored. If the unstuck service does not work (which seems to be the case for most effected by this bug) then all you can do is open a ticket (as you have done) and wait for them to get back to you.

Posting here won’t get you ahead of the ticket que i’m afraid.

It could be has simple as a addon that your using that’s causing your problem with your character. theres a few steps you can try first.
1 / Update addons if thats not the case., 2 / you can try unclicking all your addons in settings to see if thats fix the problem. 3 / delete your WFT file in game folder all your addons and other setting will go to game default setting.

Hey Homeopathy,

If the self-service doesn’t work (which we’ve seen happen because of this bug), please do create a ticket, and game master should get back to you as soon as possible (it looks like your character has been moved by a GM recently!).

It is indeed a known issue, but no, it’s not being ignored.

QA and our developers are currently working on a correction for a future patch, however it appears to be a difficult issue to fix for various reasons.

That being said, I’m sorry for the inconvenience that this has caused to affected players. Once again, rest assured that this is being worked on, and that GMs should be able to help you move your character if the self-service fails to work correctly.

Thank you for your patience! :pray:

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