Stuck in Combat Bug

That has happened to much lately more than it should or have, current wow is suffering with that more than private servers used to have, is this a issue for only me? or is there something happening in this patch that causes you to be in combat all the time :D?

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No, and they already know about it. They did a fix but it came back. (Last week with Org vision.)

Yep, using feign death after nearly every pull in open world. Otherwirse i `m in combat for like 10s.

Strange part is, that i get in combat when other people pull mobs around me and i dont even attack them.

I also had that problem yesterday but it seemed to be solved if you jump with the char.
Anyway it helped me when I jumped with the char.
I got out of combat everytime but do not know if it is just pure luck or if it really works to do so .

Best thing to do is exit game and go get some air. Happened to me past week . Game is unplayable with this in combat bug that if allowed persists indefinitely.

They could fix it with a click of a finger and refuse to .

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