Stuck in "logging in to game server"

want my money back, 13€ per month 1 day equal 0.40€ , give me my 0.40€

same problem on both classic and retail for 2 hour now.

Twl surprised me how you pay for it, although for a few ducks, and it still can not. I have a weekend I was looking forward to the game, and I will only …: D

Same here and we paying that LOL .

Lol, I did the same thing. Started following their steps to fix the issue (resetting network, flushing DNS, repairing game, etc.)…

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Same problem here and i just bought
game time

Maintenance bis 15 uhr noch. olange kei log in . server sind zwar up aber rein kommste net

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same just bought today …

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And thats a 1+ here… tryed all steps on troubleshooting…

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Well I’m glad I’m not the only one!

where did u get this?

I am getting this on retail!

Sadly these are the only news so far…

While waiting hear one of my Remixes i made, maybe this will put back a smile on your face=)

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Welp, the rare case when I have some time to play and this happens :sob:


pfft ye same here :frowning:

I thought I was going nuts or had broke something. And all the live chat/telephone support options are offline too so i can’t contact Blizzard about it.

PLEASE FIXemphasized text

This happens a lot lately.

Same here. WOW51900102 on both classic/bfa