Stun and CC need DIRE CHANGE

You should NOT be able to get stunned, right after you already were in a stun

Stuns should NOT be more than 3 seconds long

Reducing amount of CC will make game better because the game will actually look and feel more fun when a team uses their precious CC/Stun for a kill opportunity

This current way of playing is extremely frustrating and not even fun to watch

A near 100% uptime melee who also has 2 or 3 stuns and 3 or 4 instant cc and disruptions in the chamber to pool and then unload one after the other to suffocate and kill you is atrocious game design

Also. Demon hunter mobility is an abomination that is suffocating the enjoyment on the entire pvp landscape


but let me guess spammable caster cc like fear poly and cyclone should obviously stay right :clown_face:

what you seem to forget:
fear - fear - fear - coil - shadowfury - infernal stun
poly - poly - poly - knock - nova root - ice nova micro cc - blink blink alter time blink


Fear & poly, yes. They’re casted, dispellable and break on damage.

Cyclone though? It should have a CD, since it’s not dispellable nor breakable and makes the targets immune.

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Imo there is too much micro cc in the game but cc chains should be a bit longer. Also revert 90s healer trinket. Game feels like M+ right now.

I think you are conflating two issues.
Being chain CCed in a clean setup is a good playstyle that should stay in arena BUT being microcced to death is not very fun and also promotoes the zug zug mentality because now some specs will just pve you and throw some micro cc at you and on average they will win more than they lose… IMO PvP should value setup a bit more and try to discourage the pve playstyle we see now from the likes of DHs or warrs because hate to say it but its quite effective


but cyclone has lesser range. IMO one issue with cyclone is that its much easier to land on a boomy than with feral because of being a caster + owlkin talent so the moment they leave you alone there is a high chance someone will be cloned but as feral its much harder to land a clone but also somehow its very important in your go that if you cant cast clones often you will most likely lose

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So what? That’s no reason to not put a CD on it. It’s absurdly strong. Poly breaks on damage, is dispellabe. Fear breaks on damage, is dispellable. Repentance breaks on damage, is dispellable. You can still interact with those targets. You can’t with someone that is cycloned.

For setups to matter, they need to revert healer trinkets, cc durations, increase main stat and reduce stamina on trinket set, and this never gonna happen while every spec has access to the is amount of cc, and this never gonna change since every major change revolves around m+

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Wrong. It would just become a PvE rotation simulator. PvP has already been dumbed down significantly with the recent changes to CC and interrupts. Blizzard should take a look at some of the micro-CC, but overall CC should stay as it is now. They could even reverse some of the recent changes to CC durations etc.

So what? it means it can be countered easier than other spells, since the druid has to run closer to you and gives you more time to react. Not to mention vs a rdruid if you interrupt the clone then it locks the druid out of healing.
I agree to a certain degree its much stronger on boomkin but for rdruid and feral its much easier to shut down.

Yes they need to revert and do many stuff… IMO the current iteration is not fun for anyone unless you like PVE tunneling one target but this gets boring quickly and strips arena of its essence.
They need to prune micro cc, make clean setups worth it and make pve tunneling a bad strat. Not sure if its possible with SS now

CC used to be something that was used strategicly.

They made CC a joke so I can throw stun whatever.
I understand CC is needed in M+ but damn, make them PvE talents only ok ?
Why is it ok to have PvP talens only and not PvE only then ?

PvP balance is a joke for a long time now , and I don’t think anyone even reads this forums to confirms that.

At least new players who maybe wanna try wow for the PvP will know that this game sux and go play something better ? Sux for us PvP community who just want the game to be better, eh ?

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