Stutter with Addon

Is there way to fix stutter with HandyNotes or addons like that. How people even play with this on all the time?

Stutter usually means there are lots of errors happening for whatever reasons. Many (me included) use HandyNotes without issue so likely cause is some conflict with HandyNotes and some other addon/setting you have used.

I would start by removing other addons and see if that fixes the issue, if not, then try full UI and interface reset and try with just HandyNotes alone.

Obviously also make sure you have the latest version of addon installed. Blizzard doesn’t support third party addons so this thread does not belong to Support forums, if not moved UI forum you probably should make topic there.

U just have to wait for some fix. U can also report a bug for example on curseforge addon’s page.

Its not like a big stutter , its close to microstutter when i exploring world with handynotes on. Same things with all the things addon.

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