Stutters, most noticable in Valdrakken


How could it not be more talk about the stutters happening in Dragonflight? Its not so noticable outside Valdrakken but in Valdrakken its horrible. I have a resonable computer with a 5800X3D and 3080 Rog strix but it still stutters. I also have the game installed on a M2 SSD.

Please fix this Blizzard. I cant be the only one? Its also noticable when joining a raid group for a World boss for example and ppl join during the fight, then it stutters everytime a new player joins. I have sent DXDIAGS and MSINFOs to Blizz but they cant fix it or see anything wrong.

Br D

Br D

I think this is because of the phasing in and out of the players from their shards and realms.

Yes probably. But it’s really annoying and it must be fixable. I’m just amazed that people don’t seem to talk to much about this. It’s really noticable.

And what is your SSD, how much free space is remaining?

Western digital SN750 1tb SSD with over 500gb free space. But I have tested it on another system and its the same

I am having frame stuttering issues in dungeons and other low population places using DX12, I just get straight low FPS using DX11. I am running at pretty much 60FPS capped however it does dip to 54-56 FPS on occasion but the game is stuttery as hell sometimes:

Ryzen 5 1600X not OC’d
2TB Crucial P3 SSD with loads of space free (1.05TB)
AMD RX 5500XT 8GB GPU with latest drivers
Wired connection to router (32ms ping)

You might want to upgrade that first gen Ryzen if you want 60+ FPS in current content :smiley:

Scroll down to the CPU benchmark.

same here, started last week wednesday, spent probably 20 hours since then on fixing it, nothing helped, 2x windows reset, UI reset, different graphic card drivers, cpu gpu performance is totally fine

totally lost my motivation to play like this

So you did not have it before last week? I have been having it since start of Dragonflight. Changed everything except GPU on my system but still the same

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