Sub rogue bugs that need to be addressed

sub rogue bugs:

1- shadowstrike (aka ambush) doesn’t teleport to target location if used from stealth.
2- shadowy duel unable to hit target / target can’t hit me
3- shadowy duel target disappears for 1 second after using
4- thief’s bargain (pvp talent) doesn’t reduce FEINT CD
5- shadowed finishers (sub rogue talent tree) doesn’t work completely.
6- stealth breaks sometimes in arena for absolute no reason.


Maybe they should fix the RNG of stealth as well.

After ten years, it still breaks for no reason.


ye ive had my stealth break for no reason sometimes.

i’ve updated the list above, thanks for reminding :slight_smile:

Stealth-checks have been a core component of Rogues since the moment Gary cursed the RPG genre with their existence in 1975. A very high risk class/playstyle.

Is it possible you’re just failing a stealthcheck?


Idk if its still the case but Rupture when applied to enemy and if you manage to restealth it will get you out of stealth for some reason.

could that be the reason only? ive had cases where gate opens and my char randomly leaves stealth for no reason… had that happen against a paladin ive faced

nope, i’m not failing “stealth check”

i have /cast !stealth on every ability literally, so any ability i press puts me on stealth. so no, im not failing “stealth check” as you mentioned. i sprint in and my char randomly comes out for no reason.

that was a d&d reference relax

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Roll me a persuasion check

OT: Stealth has always had bugs, the last assa bonus never got fixed since it didn’t affect PvE so doubtful anything else will.

Bro, you’re not supposed to publicly admit your class is just a castsequence :joy:

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Disgusting. And I am a Rogue main.

Got the issue yesterday in 2v2 as outlaw/rsham against sub/fire I restealth with nothing around me and no dots (mage was in block BTW) and my stealth broke 2 times for no reason on robodrome.

I’m guessing probably some ability can break it randomly such as main gauche but not really sure.

I mean I do too i got
#showtooltip [stealth]Shadowstrike; [nostealth] Backstab
/stopattack [nocombat
/cast [nocombat]!Stealth
/cast [stealth]Shadowstrike; [nostealth] Backstab
It works perfectly. And i get every value of restealthing mini shadowdance thingie.
Im curious to know why you think this is wrong

It is extremely lame, that’s all. People are supposed to have a Stealth keybind, and since Stealth and combat are so core to Rogue gameplay, decent Rogues are supposed to be able to hit Stealth/Sap etc whenever a window occurs. It’s part of being good at the class.

I also find it funny to see that players using the most cheesy stuff on Rogue are not Rogue mains, and then these same people are the ones complaining Rogue is a cheesy class.

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I play rogue since vanilla tbf.
And this is totally a made up metric for something thats not even that “cheesy”.
If theres anything cheesy about playing rogue its playing it Assasination xd

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Good for you. And yet you still are part of the group of Rogues that rely on mashing the PvE rotation in order to enter stealth. Tsk tsk tsk.

I will raise you a questionmark.


Count me in in that totally made up standard. Cause yep. I do that.

I am not sure if that is the problem. It randomly breaks on my hunter and my druid as well. It may be that DoTs place you in combat for some reason, or that the server sometimes registers it as an attack.

tf are you even saying? i am a rogue main aswell multi rank 1.

the fact that you dont use !cast stealth on every ability just proves you have not enough knowledge of your class, especially that you’re a night elf rogue. there is also, nowhere it says not to use that.

night elves have always had leave combat bugs, especially as rogues, and blizzard knows about it but never could fix it for many expansions since WoD.

having a cast stealth on every ability grants you subterfuge sometimes mid combat. but o well you’re prolly 1800 so i guess you dno jack-S about your “main class”… tsk tsk

he’s a big delush, ignore him, doesn’t understand how rogues work.