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So… there is a sale going on right now and after a decade long break from wow I had been seriously considering giving it a try. One thing I’m confused about is that if I purchase the complete edition and a six month subscription, does it activate immediately or whenever I want?

OK, after reading your post, I’m confused too. Let’s break it down.

If you’re just coming back to give it another try, why would you buy the Complete Collection and a six-month sub?

I mean, you can, of course, but it doesn’t make a lot of sense to me that you would want to. Are you looking to get the mount and pet?

If I was coming back, I would start a monthly Subscription (which you can do by Subscribing, and then you can cancel the sub before the next month if you don’t want to continue.)

I would level to 50. I might also try out TBC.

When I got to 50, I would decide whether I wanted to buy Shadowlands for the few months left in it. If I did, I would buy the Base edition for EUR 19.99. (OK, so I might buy Shadowlands immediately, when I subscribe, on the basis that there is not much point hanging around at 50.) When Dragonflight was very near, I would decide whether I wanted to commit to that.

You are not saving anything I can see by going for the Complete Collection. The Heroic edition adds only a mount, pet, and transmog (and you can actually get the transmog without buying HC edition).


If you do buy the Complete Collection, i see it comes with 30 days game time for the Epic Edition only. Other Editions come with no game time.

If you buy a subscription, of whatever length, it activates immediately, though it can take up to 72 hours for your Starter restrictions to be lifted. (It doesn’t usually take that long.)


They there, thanks for your piece of mind and lengthy reply.

Since complete edition comes with Dragonflight, Shadowlands and a 30 days game time , I believed it to be decently priced? Especially for someone like me who quit at the start of cataclysm xpac there seems to be fair amount of content. As for the biannual sub, since I’m getting invested might as well get with a discount. I also noticed regional pricing with my currency which is even more worth considering the devaluation and whatnot.

I was still on the fence tho… but kinda discouraged now after reading 2 hour long lfg’s for dungeons. If I could have activated my sub whenever I wanted to, what would have been an instant buy.

A few things:

  1. Hmmm. The Heroic edition of Complete Collection comes with 30 days of game time. The Epic edition comes with 60. But if you aren’t interested in the mounts, that’s a pretty expensive set of days. If you do want the mounts, of course, then money will be no object! Honestly, the regular edition gets you all the same play.
    Let’s do the math (in Euros)
    SL Base: 20
    DF Base: 50
    30 Days: 13
    Total: 83 Euros
    Complete Collection HC:
    SL HC: Included
    DF HC: Included
    30 days: Included
    Total 110 Euros
    That’s an extra 27 Euros for … oh! that will get you a Level 50 Boost and a Level 60 Boost by buying the HC editions, as well as a mount and pet for each of the expansions. I hadn’t factored in the Boosts. Yes, that is decent value for the extra 27 Euros.
    So OK. I call Heroic Complete Collection as good value as buying the Base, arguably better if you have an immediate use forthe Boosts.
  2. If you quit at the start of Cata, there is indeed a VAST amount of content to see. It’s all changed now, changed utterly. Scaling and the introduction of Chromie Time makes the feel of everything different. But still, that’s 5 whole expansions of content that will be completely new to you. Not to mention new classes and races and story. (Just try to pretend that the Shadowlands story never happened - a nightmare based on a dodgy kebab after reading some fanfic and watching Avengers: Endgame while drunk.)
  3. Where did you read 2 hour queues for regular LFD? It is the final stretch of the expansion, and activity is at its lowest - might pick up again when “Season 4” starts - so it’s not impossible, but I can’t imagine it happens often. Maybe is someone is queueing specific in off-hours? I’d be cautious about what you read on the forums here or on Reddit. There are more tall tales than on the average fishing wharf. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t understand why activating your sub whenever you want makes a difference? You can’t level past 20 until you have game time. How does delaying your sub help any? Carry on playing until you want to pass level 20, then create your sub. I think there is something one of us is not understanding here.

Or is this about your sub overlapping with game time? It won’t. If you buy the Heroic Complete Collection with its 30-day game time, and a 6-month sub, then Blizzard will let you play out your 30-day game time before they charge you for the subscription. So the 30 days will happen first, and then the subscription will automatically kick in when it ends.

BTW: you are on Twisting Nether as a Horde. That is a good choice. Solid Horde server, that.


I just considered making the purchase now while the sale is ongoing and actually start playing the game during fall. So that is why I was wondering whether if I could activate the sub(like game time code) whenever I wanted to. It would have been convenient and give players piece of mind to freeze their playtime but… oh well.

It’s not clear to me that the game proper is redused-price for the sale.

Dragonflight itself is definitely not reduced in price.

I’m not certain about Shadowlands. I think its price was already reduced before the Sale, and will still be after the Sale - as it should be, since the expansion is 3/4 over, so certainly could not sustain full price at this stage.

2 hour Q for dungeons? Huh? Lol

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