Suggestion for transmog

Remove the limits on transmog. If a mage wants to look like a paladin and visa versa let them. It is only cosmetic so lets open it all up for everyone.
All one hands should be mogable over each other regardsless of if the class can use the item
All two hands should be mogable over each other regardsless of if the class can use the item. Fishing poles should be added to this catagory
All off hands, including shields should be mogable over each other regardsless of if the class can use the item. Wands should be added to this catagory
A mage (just an example of a class) will not be able to wear plate but will be able to learn the look by selling, disenchanting, scrapping or destroying the items, same goes for other classes.
A new option called transmog will be added to which loot you want from a raid/group /instance etc.
Remove the limits on holiday transmog, if anyone wants to look like a xmas elf in April let them.
Remove the limits on spec transmorg.
Let gray and white items be added to the pool of mogs we can learn.
Transmog is just cosmetics so open it up for more fun!


No, no, no, no, and no. Go play Garry’s Mod, don’t try to make WoW free for all messy service. All in all World of Warcraft is an RPG game.


Well there are non RP servers… and who decided what is a good RP. If somone wants to rp as a mage/druid/insert class here by the looks let them.
The more choices the better. PPL who dont want this can just not use the feature…

It’s not that simple. I wouldn’t want to see mages in plate, or paladins in cloth, it would ruin pretty big part of my experience with this game worked out throughout 15 years. Blizzard already made enough bad decisions, don’t add any more :slight_smile:

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I dont get what you like to look at has to effect others though… I dont like when ppl mog their chest to invisible or use pink in their mogs but its THEIR choice not mine…I dont use it in my own mogs and im fine with other ppl doing it because hey its their taste
If you dont like leather on a paladin then dont use it but do not limit those who would like a complete leather look for their paladin. It is only cosmetics after all. It´s a matter of taste what ppl do to THEIR character. You decide what you do on yours but you cannot dictate how other ppl shall look… Taste is after all a matter of… taste :smiley:


If you want to transmog cloth on your paladin, wear cloth gear on your paladin.

This is by far one of the worst suggestions i’ve ever seen recommended. No, just no.


Why do you think it is a bad suggestions… ? Come with arguments instead of just opinions :smiley:
People have different taste, so there should be choices for all. I cannot mog or wear plate like apparel on a priest now but why should i be limited to that in the future.
There could be realms, like RP realms, where the restrictions still would be so people could choose. More free choices for all make it a better game

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Because we’re not playing go-super-model, we’re playing wow. If you’re a plate wearer, you wear plate.


And we have a seasonal event in-game called “Trial of Style” which is kinda a super-model competition, especially going into podium and all that, so may as well remove ALL restrictions already.

I agree. There are soo many weird and wonderful outfits already. Opening it all up would just add more fun!
RP servers excluded so ppl have a choice. Maybe even PVP servers too as looks could be helpful in PVP.
I firmly believe in adding more choice would make for a better game and removing all restrictions on transmog is one step in the right direction. And have some realm have restrictions for those who want.

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I 10000 % agree with OP.
There is NO reason to have limits on transmog.
The OP is not talking about being able to wear the gear just mog it…

If someone dont like this then dont use it. As OP says why limit other ppl? There could be realms where there were restrtions such a RP or pvp.

Currently a shaman cannot mog the hunter mail or visa versa but you can collect a recolored set for it so why not just remove the transmog limitations?

If someone wants to wear the winter viel gear all year round, why not let them

We have contest on who looks best anyway so just open it all up and have a few RP realms and pvp realm keep restrictions.

I agree with OP that ppl should have a choise to mog all :smiley:

You can still look stupid and break immersion right now though. By mixing and matching different armor types, you could create some amazing outfits that fit your class perfectly. My only suggestion would be to lock chest and legs slots to one armor type and allow all smaller pieces to be changed. For example I can hide my helmet as a paladin, so why can’t I wear a hood? Also another restriction that should remain, if this actually happens, is keeping the class restricted sets locked to the appropriate class. Other than that, there should be more freedom in tmogging imo.

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