Suggestion: Remove Loot Specialist rare from the meta achievement

Since the spawn rate of that rare is so low and the location that he can spawn is random, why don’t you remove it from the: “Champion of the Forbidden Reach” achievement which is part of the meta achievement: “A World Awoken” so people that have lives, jobs, families etc can complete this one? Either increase the spawn rate or remove this one from the achievement.


I agree, I found it by chance last week and it was visible but untargetable, stuck in the ground…


Same here. He was stuck underground all day.


Very frustrating rare, might be luckier winning the lottery than ever seeing it when not bugged :frowning:


Agree! I have been farming for 4 days al day long and i have not seen this one!


I sat in Forbidden Reach for 10 hours and didn’t see it at all. Does anyone know if it has a spawn timer? I also don’t like that because it’s not an elite rare that it doesn’t even appear on the main map if it spawns. It’s already difficult to even tag a rare here now since everything dies so quick. I would welcome this being removed from the achievement or fixing the spawn time.

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Yeah, better remove it from the achievement. 3 days hunting it and 1x seen dead. :frowning:

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Just seen the loot specialist after a comment on Wowhead suggested flying around whilst clicking the macro /tar Loot and also going to war creche and toggle on warmode. Myself and a monk saw it where without being engaged in combat, it despawned after 5 seconds! So infuriating

I got it done with a group I made specially for the goblin, more eyes that were looking out for him works fine. Somone found him and the whole group go to where he is and is killed fast. and achieve done :+1:

Oh man, I think I killed him 10 times in my journey at the forbidden reach.

Today again, mob spawned in the cresh, in a room that cannot be accessed.
This is really poorly done for an achievement.

i agree take it away !


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