Suggestion: Soulbind tree for each spec? (dps/prot/heal)

Souldbind Tree’s for each Spec (tank/dps/heal) and not 1 tree for all 3 spec’s?

I would like to see it that each spec has its own soulbind tree.
Reason: If im questing in DPS with DPS soulbinds, and then get invited to a M+, I would have to go back to my forge and rebind into Prot. This is tedious and time consuming. Then after I finish the dungeon I want to go back to questing in DPS, I then have to go back to the forge and rebind into DPS, and you can only do this 2x or 3x a day until you can’t rebind anymore and have to wait till the reset. So in essence, players are being forced to play 1 spec for dungeons, questing and whatever else you’re doing because to change the soulbinds each time is counter intuitive. Why add all the admin to something that could be so simple.

I find its easier and less hassle to just stay in Prot for all content, which isn’t really how I would like to play, as I enjoy questing in DPS spec and pushing keys in Prot. Its very frustrating that in almost all other expansions this has never been an issue until soulbinds came into play. It feels like I’m limiting my playstyle because its just such a hassle to quest, change soulbind, do a dungeon, change soulbinds, quest, change soulbinds, do a dungeon(oh wait, I’ve used up all my soulbinds for today, so now im stuck in this spec with with buffs for another one.

Would be great to see Soulbinds for each spec respectively so a player can change on the fly and not have to re socket all the soulbinds. EG: You’re in an instance, and an extra healer is needed, it would be great to just change spec and off you go, not change spec and have all your dps/prot soulbinds still there when you’re now healing, and then you’d have to TP back to the forge, change the binds, go back to the instance, do the boss and oh wait, the extra healer isnt needed anymore, you can go back to dps, but wait, you then have to re do all the binds unless you want healing buffs for dps.

If you’re playing a class that only has DPS spec’s then this wouldn’t be an issue as much as the soulbinds would apply to all 2 or 3 specs, but for classes with prot/dps or prot/dps/heal it becomes an issue when the player likes to play all 3 depending on what is needed for the encounter etc.

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I think this is a great idea! A lot easier to manage. I’ve found myself in this predicament far too often - then the group gets annoyed because I’m taking too long - or someone just leaves because I’m wasting their time now.

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