SUGGESTION: Teleport menu

In addition to the Hearthstone and any toys that grant teleportation to specific places, there are also items that we need to keep in our bags that teleport again to specific zones (rings that teleport to Boralus/Dalaran/Kharazan, trinkets to Timeless Isle, a a bunch of others).
Currently, it’s getting too cluttered to keep all of these, and even remember all the teleportation options.
So, the sugegstions is to create a separate teleportation menu (like we have for mounts, pets, toys, appearences), where all possible teleportation spells/options will be kept. And the unlock for any of them would remain the same (i.e. if I bought a ring that teleports me to Dalaran in Northrend, the spell to teleport to this Dalaran would become unlocked for me, and I don’t have to keep the ring in my bag anymore).

I suppose it would take a small effort in the beginning to track all items that have teleportation on them, but that are aggregated lists of these on WoWHead already.

This page could also store any other teleport spells (like mage teleports, our hearthstone, any toys, items, any consumable teleports that could be charged, etc…)

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that sounds nice

It’s not what you’re proposing but youn can make a dedicated button for things like this using the Select addon.

Hey yeah thank you, it’s similar, it’s just that if it’s officially supported, we can then get rid of the items in our bags as well once we unlock the specific teleport option

In the meantime you could use the addon Opie. Even if just for the Travel ring which has presets for lots of travel options. You can add any item / Toy / spell to the ring as well to customise it.