Suggestion to actions taken against cross faction collusion

Good afternoon, to start of, when I say cross faction collusion I mean the guilds that are using hit squads to kill any players that try to farm in a Hive where the cross faction guild you have your collusion with is farming. On shazzrah I’ve gotten whisper like: “Leave or I’ll call the cleaning lady” or “DIE AND GTFO” and after 5 min players would just hug a wall and a swarm of 20 allys would ignore them and kill me or any other horde that is not from that collusion guilds. I’m not calling out names cause I’m sure you already know all about it. Some of this hit squads are from guilds that arent even farming Scarab Lord which led to rumors that they are being paid off with real money or in game gold.
Anyways, at start I though Blizzard should just ban this people until the gates are open, but of course I can see why that would not be a smart business decision cause hundreds if not thousands of players might quit playing WoW. So my sugestion is: Wait until the gates are open and remove any item or title this collusion guilds got from the event. As banning thousands of people is not a smart business decision, it is not as well, in my opinion, not doing anything about this abuse, by ignoring even a greater part of the base players as they feel they are being harassed and bulyed out. People might not quit playing WoW if you dont do anything against this “cheaters” but they will not forget, they will have this in their minds for a long time. Subscripitions are an important part of the business if not the most important, and what brings subscriptions is the enjoyment people get from playing the game, and a LOT of people are not enjoying this at all.

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I think subs are falling anyway, levelling is now a crap experience as you can’t do dungeons without boosters who charge you, its very hard to get an actual group now.

Many are raid logging too. Plus some are pushing to rush into the next content or even TBC. Not everyone will rush into tbc.

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