Suggestion: Update the FCT list

It’s been over two months since the Free Character Transfer list got updated.
Here’s an example of what has happened since to Razorgore, a server which was one of the DESTINATION realms:

Total population in February: 2598* raidlogged players
Total population today: 957* raidlogged players (of which 8 is alliance)

*Data taken from, because why would Blizzard give us the correct numbers. It’s not like players would abuse such data to mass transfer and create a mono faction server using a PCT service with no regulations?

Conclusion: It’s not working. Update the list, and to it right.

And to the faceless trolls telling me to use PCT:
Yo dawg, we heard you like Pay2Play, so we put a Pay2Play in your Pay2Play so you can pay while you pay.


People are asking for the same for months now, in this thread: Free Character Transfers Coming to Burning Crusade Classic

The server balance is messed up, a lot of people are stuck on dead realms, and yet nothing is being done to address this. A server merge, or a free transfer from low population realms would be an easy fix. I’ve no idea why nothing is being done.

Because Blizzard doesn’t care much. They want to milk as much as possible from players willing to pay to transfer…

This is coming from someone who used to be a real Blizz fanboy… not so much anymore with the impression they give their playerbase that they don’t care about us or doesn’t give a rats as s about good customer service any longer.

They are not really smart in that case. Why is character transfer bundle available to retail only and not TBCC? If I wanted to milk as much as possible, I’d incentivize players to pay for transfers (bundles, specials, etc.) rather than putting pressure by making players desperate. At least, that’s how smarter companies operate within the videogaming industry.

Raidlogged characters*, right?

True, but meh.

I mean it in a way that the numbers of logged characters are likely shared amongst a even smaller number of players, so the public activity based on that is even less than one first thinks (Yeye, I know about the “1 million casuals playing Karazhan and BT without logging”, spare me)

A factor that makes the servers seem even smaller is the closed communities. Last couple of weeks Ive done quite a few HCs etc, but never advertized for one as its done with in-guild people. There’s a large number of groups and raids never noticed by the public eye nore that one solo hero who claims server is dead because nobody wants to do HC s X specifically for him. Makes it feel even more empty for people on the outside.

Blizzard lost their smartness a good while back though.

3 weeks after my original post the population numbers on Razorgore continue to dwindle. Out of the then total 957 raidlogged characters, only 558 now remains.

Finding dungeon groups is virtually impossible unless agreed upon several days beforehand. Same goes for group quests. There’s no room to casually jump in and do group content. Raids bigger than 10 man is out of the question.

Needless to say this is unacceptable, and it has been so for the past 4-5 months.

Where is my WotLK survey btw? Why would i want WotLK when i didn’t even get a chance to experience TBC raid/group content? Come to think of it, why would i ever want to purchase a Blizzard product ever again?

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From Blizzard’s point of view you have access to all servers right now. You can play on any populated server, even the full ones aren’t locked! You can even transfer your current character there for a fee. For them, there is literally no problem.

There are now no more logged alliance characters, at all, and only 360 raiding horde characters remaining according to

Half of TBC has been more or less unplayable and judging by the recent blue post Free Character Transfers Available from Firemaw there will be no actions to adress this for the remainder of cTBC.

I wish things were different because i love this game, but there’s simply no more reasons to keep paying. My subscriptions (all five of them) ends on monday and i’m not coming back.

we are very sorry (no) we will be waiting for your return (no)

Isn’t it in your interest that Blizzard keeps a healthy player base, for the overall well being of the game?

It’s Blizzard, a small indie company. what can be discussed. and why expect from them what they are not capable of

their main task is to keep bots popular so that there are live auction houses with many slots. everything else doesn’t matter to them.

Then anyone still paying for subscriptions is a fool.

nice to meet you, orc.

in fact, it is important for me that there are bg and arenas. and everything else doesn’t matter

Soon you will have nothing if Blizzard keeps this up. Read their latest post, if you can understand it. Your english seem to be lacking as you’re still missing the point.

I understood the whole essence of this company in the first two phases of the classic. I am no longer surprised by the politics of this small indie company.
it is strange that you have been playing for more than 5 years and did not understand this.

Kinda feel super bad for people who have been stuck in Razorgore for MONTHS and Blizzards HOPIUM plan to get people back there is just not going to work.

Just unsubscribe - it’s the only way for them to notice. Frick this nonsense, I’m out.

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